Construction and Renovation Projects in Colombia from US$270

Company : International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ)
Location : Bogota
Duration: 1 week to 1 year
Approx Costs: 250 to 1000 $ Dollars (US)

This project is a chance for volunteers to break into a sweat and get their hands a little dirty!

Some families, schools and even some hospitals in Bogota cannot afford professional people, tools and supplies to build or renovate. With homes, classrooms and hospital wards bursting at the seams due to the number of children, and patients increasing they drastically need assistance. Volunteers do not need any building or renovation experience to help here but you will need to have a reasonable level of energy and fitness and of course dedication and determination. There is a foreman on sight who is always there to point you in the right direction (he will always find something for you to do). You may find yourself knocking down walls, installing kitchens, fixing chairs, painting walls or renovating roofs. IVHQ construction projects concentrate mainly on schools in poor areas at the moment where there are not enough classrooms, chairs or desks to cater for all the children. This is your chance to leave an amazing, long lasting and permanent mark of your own. 

PLACEMENT: Colegio Ricaurte De Soacha Our construction and renovation projects take place in the same area as our schools and kindergarten in which we work, in the district of Soacha. We are concentrating our efforts on helping the Colegio Ricaurte De Soacha to build new classrooms and be able to accommodate the full number of children in the school. The majority of the existing classrooms in the school need to be renovated with a good paint job also. The school has dreams for the future to open a crèche for the babies of Soacha, and this will require a tremendous amount of work. At the moment they only have a couple of men who do everything. The roofs need fixing, walls need clearing, walls need building, kitchens and store rooms need to be installed, desks and chairs need to be made, windows need fitting and finally everything needs to be decorated.

This project is also a call for the budding artists out there - he school always needs educational and motivational posters and murals. If you fancy designing and painting a huge mural on a wall then this project is something for you. NB This is only an example placement which is one of many offered in Colombia and not necessarily the one you will be working at.


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This program is offered as part of a structured package with prices starting from US$275. Included in this price is placements, in-country 24/7 support, information pack, airport pick up, orientation, program supervision, meals and accommodation for the duration of your stay.

If you are thinking about booking this program on the application there is a section "Have you been referred to IVHQ by an IVHQ Ambassador or IVHQ Partner?". Here you can enter type code: ONEWORLD365 and you will be entered into a monthly draw to win a full refund of your registration fee.

A surcharge of US$5 per day is added to the program costs of this placement to cover construction materials. 

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