International Teacher Training Organization (ITTO)

ITTO is passionate about global education, and we believe that traveling, studying and working in foreign countries will provide an experience of a lifetime that every person in the world should be able to be part of. 

We are part of an Educational Group and have more than 40 years of teaching experience and teacher training understanding in the English Language teaching field. We are always involved in the TEFL world searching for new ideas to make teacher training the best experience possible. 

We are innovators in the industry, proved by developing one of the first Online TESOL Technology Courses, the only Combined Online course plus 5-Day Teaching Practice Program, and by being the first ever Institution in providing Guaranteed Job Placements to our graduates 

ITTO has trained thousands of teachers from around the world in both online and onsite courses, always providing assistance before, during and after getting certified. We have placed more than 4500+ teachers in more than 45 countries! 

Additionally, our organization aims to educate and motivate students. We want you to be in an interactive involved environment. Our graduates are often hired before others in the industry because of ITTO's impeccable reputation. We welcome feedback in this ever-changing field of work and we want our students to come out of this course with not only competence, but also the confidence they need to be successful. 

We believe in making a better world through a global education in which teachers spread the love for learning. 

Pursue your dream of travelling, studying, working and living abroad at the same time you encourage your students to see the world; Join the TEFL community, join us at ITTO!

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International Teacher Training Organization (ITTO) Reviews

A Fantastic School

This school has a very distinct promise--it will get you your first job as an English teacher. And they did for me! I had such a blast in Guadalajara! ITTO Will make you fall in love with teaching English! Miss them so much!

By: Todd
Nationality: United States
Age: 33

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