International Student Exchange Programs (ISEP)

ISEP provide high-quality academic advising, pre-departure orientations, customized study abroad placements, training and 24-hour support.

Founded in 1979, we’ve grown from a small non-profit organization into one of the largest study abroad membership networks in the world.

As a trusted educational community, we are committed to helping students overcome the financial and academic barriers to study abroad. In partnership with our member institutions, we’re able to connect students to high-quality, academic programs at more than 300 universities in 56 countries.

Regardless of academic major, socio-economic status and geographic location, we believe no one should be held back from being able to study abroad. Since our foundation, we have sent over 54,000 students abroad.

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International Student Exchange Programs (ISEP) Reviews

A Semester in Sydney, Australia Through ISEP

Choosing to study abroad through ISEP was one of the best choices I made in college! ISEP provided a highly affordable study abroad option. I maintained my scholarships and the price of housing went off my home university rather than my host university (which ended up being significantly cheaper). The ISEP staff were readily available to assist, and solved the few problems that did arise in a fair and timely manner. The courses I were placed in at the University of Technology Sydney were engaging and applicable to my major.

Because the program aspect of my experience (housing, courses, university placement) went so smooth, I was able to enjoy a rich abroad experience. I experienced new foods (kangaroo is surprisingly delicious), culture (the university was next to a harbor that hosted bi-monthly cultural festivals), cross-cultural friendships (many of them I'm still in touch with today), adventures (riding a camel named Obama on the beach, hiking through the Australian rainforest, a music festival in the Opera House), and came away with so many memories. Living in Australia also changed me-I adopted the "no worries mate" laid back mentality (replacing the hyper-busy and hyper-stressed American mentality) and focused on living life more holistically in the traditional Australian way (instead of the work-first American way). My experience was so wonderful that I decided to pursue living abroad again, spending three months in Turin, Italy and with plans to go abroad again soon. I'm grateful to ISEP for the opportunity it provided-one that forever changed my life!

By: Madison Garner
Nationality: American
Age: 22

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