International Primate Rescue

A sanctuary for exotic primates in South Africa.

International Primate Recue is home to over 150 primates exotic to South Africa; they have all been rescued from the pet and entertainment trades or from laboratories. Because they are not native to South Africa, and because many of them have been hand raised so would therefore be unable to survive in the wild, they can never be released so we provide them a safe and comfortable home. Over the last 20 years the sanctuary has grown and become world renowned for the excellent care given to the primates on sight; we have taken part in several international rescues with monkeys coming from all over the world. 

Our volunteers have the chance to gain experience in animal care as well as learning a lot about primate behaviour; they will also have the opportunity to interact with monkeys on a daily basis- even having 'monkey time' with certain calm animals to really get up close and personal. 

The sanctuary is in the heart of South Africa and volunteers will have the chance in their free time to visit local nature parks including Kruger National Park and even head down to the coast to the excitement of Cape Town. Whilst accommodation is basic it has everything you need and it really proves that every penny of your fee is spent on the health and well-being of the animals on site. 

Working at IPR really is a once in a lifetime experience and if you love monkeys or even just fancy a break from the day to day of your life at home, taking a trip to IPR will be a decision you will not regret. 

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