International Cultural Youth Exchange ICYE Honduras

International Cultural Youth Exchange ICYE Honduras is a fully autonomous, independent and cooperative agency, member of the ICYE Federation of National Committees.

We Are:

  • a leader organization of exchange programmes that offers the opportunity to acquire knowledge of other cultures and languages, and to meet the world;
  • an organization that promotes and exercises volunteering in social projects nationally and internationally;
  • the leader in exchange programmes in Honduras since 1984;
  • a non-profit organization;
  • an international programme that sends approximately 25 Hondurans every year to different countries around the world, and receives an equal amount of foreigners of various nationalities;
  • a programme that offers the opportunity to enrich oneself before and after the exchange period
  • a cultural experience coordinated by different national offices;
  • a network of friends around the globe.


Volunteering in Honduras

ICYE Honduras receives every year several new volunteers who come to Honduras via different programmes. All the volunteers are placed in a voluntary work placement according to their preferences and skills. The host situation is assigned to each, volunteers will stay with Honduran host families or with the same project where they will be performing their voluntary service.

In the following the On-Arrival/Orientation Camp we organize several activities such as speeches, dynamics, seminars, etc., with the objective of preparing each exchangee for a life in a Honduran environment. We always take into consideration the security issue. This preparation is continued by the language training so that each participant learns Spanish as quickly as possible.

During the exchangee’s whole exchange period, a constant and frequent monitoring of its development is done. The Mid-Evaluation Camp is concluded to assure this, as well as the Final Evaluation Camp to assess the completion of the objectives of the programme.

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