International Cultural Alliance - India ( ICA - India)

A programme for intercultural education through International Volunteer Services

Every human tends to help some one, who is in need. We do this in our day-to-day life. And what you do for the underprivileged with a commitment of service and concern of love that is great contribution to society. It is a drop to ocean of peace and harmony. And this contribution in other culture where there is a need and your services are anticipated is a joyful occasion. There by understanding a different culture and respecting is knowing the world. If you want to be an International volunteer, then you are Cultural ambassador of your country and contributing towards world peace.

I C A is

A Non- Government Organization ( NGO) registered under Indian Trust Act, non profit, autonomous, self reliant organization with commitment for global peace and intercultural exchange.

An international voluntary service program welcoming all nationalities irrespective of religions, races and ethnic groups with the commitment to break through cultural barriers.

A network of organizations all over the world.

A program to gain intercultural understanding through International volunteer work with the commitment to peace and justice

An educational experience coordinated by dedicated co-workers, who provide the participants with the necessary orientation, training and support.

Aims and Objectives.
International Cultural Alliance is started to provide a platform to international volunteers, contribute to Indian community and explore Indian culture.
• To be peace messenger by exchanging youth from different countries.
• To provide an opportunity to explore and understand Indian culture.
• To contribute towards the Indian community development.
• To identify partners for cultural ambassadors.
• To promote volunteer activities for young and elderly people in their spare time and holidays.
• To promote community development and encourage participation of community members in activities for their own benefit;
• To create opportunities to exchange experiences between youth from different parts of the country and the rest of the world;
• To promote international understanding and cooperation through voluntary services;
• To enable young people to encounter and understand different cultures;
• To encourage the concept of voluntary services as a force in search for peace equality, democracy and international understanding

Programmes (Short term / long term)

We provide voluntary service opportunity to all age group irrespective nationality, religion. Both long-term (6 months to one year) and short term (less than 6 months). Depending on the interest, background, availability and skills of the volunteer, a suitable project would be allotted.


• Above the age of 18 years male and female.
• Ambitious to contribute to society in large and particular to specific field of project.
• Commitment and concern towards the underprivileged.
• No expertise / skills required.
• Ability to adopt and enjoy simple living situation.
• Willing to taste variety of local food

Work Camps:

Work camp is the programme, where, one can contribute to a particular field of voluntary work with the group of other volunteers. The live in experience enriches the persons perception. I C A India organizes regular work camps on different issues / subjects. duration varies from minimum 2 weeks to 4 weeks. The work camps are organized for minimum of 10 participants. Any organization or group of minimum 10 volunteers can contact us for the work camp opportunities. The following areas are covered in the work camps.

• Construction ( School, Road, Renovation etc)
• Environment ( Trekking, Eco tourism, Pond cleaning etc)
• Prevention of HIV / AIDS.
• Disability Management.
• Inter-Cultural exposures.
• Rehabilitation at natural calamities.
• Agriculture and organic farming.
• Ayurveda ( Indian system of Medicine)
• Yoga and Mediation.
• Foreign Language.
• Indian classical dances.( Bharatanatyam, Kuchupudi, Odissi etc)
• Musical Instruments. ( Guitar, Harmonium,Tabala etc)
• Leadership and organization management.
• Indian Cooking


The internship programmes are arranged for university students or any particular group of persons with same objectives. Depending on the subject and group, the details are informed. Organisations, Colleges and universities can contact us for more details.

Field of voluntary work placement:

• Children
Teaching (English, Computer, Rhymes, Crafts, Drawing)
Play home / Day care centers
• Elderly people
• Disabled
• Environment / Ecology
• Administration
• Hospitals
• HIV /Aids projects.
Care and Support
Awareness program
• Women’s Development Work.
• Rural Development
• Agriculture / Organic farming

Volunteers can participate in the program from two weeks to one year. Those who come for shorter period can extend their voluntary services on payment of additional participation and visa fees. The program begins every month 1st day. But if it is not a convenient day for arrival other days also acceptable on explanation.

Participation fee:
Effective from 7th May 2007(All fees in Euro)

1 month / 4 weeks: Euro 250 (Minimum)
2 months / 8 weeks: Euro 450
3 months / 12 weeks: Euro 600
6 Months: Euro 1200
One year: Euro 2400
3 months to six months: Additional Euro 60 per week after 1 month.

Participation fee includes:
All participants will be provided with Accommodation either independent or on twin sharing basis, depending on the project / host.
The host will provide food during the participants stay at the project ( Food expenses during traveling do not covered under the fees)
Local conveyance will be borne by the committee in the event the participant does not reside in the project or is invited for a seminar / conference/ camps organized by ICA – India
ICA - India will provide regular mentoring support through contact persons/guardians as well as the office staff
You will be invited for all regular programs of ICA and its associates
We shall provide airport transfers and travel expenses to the project & back.
All volunteers will be awarded a certificate of participation at the end of their term.
The participation fees mentioned above does not include your travel costs to India, Insurance, Medical expenses and expenses during your travel around India or other personal expenses

Cultural exposure / Village exposure / Home stay
Exposure to Indian culture, traditions, customs, festivals and other events happening during the time of the participation will be arranged. Visit to a village to understand the Indian village community practices.

Orientation / Language
On arrival the orientation to Indian culture, project and brief introduction to local language will be organized. One of us will accompany with the volunteer to introduce to the project and contact person.
Regular communication and welfare is monitored.

What do you finally accomplish?
The very process of traveling abroad and staying for is an educative experience and imparts an in-depth practical training in inter-cultural learning. One develops tremendous self-confidence, self-assurance, acquires new skills, new language, contacts and friends. It is also a process of self-discovery. ICA has the infrastructure and an excellent network of people and organizations and it is up to the participant to make use of every opportunity to make his or hers exchange programme a unique and personal experience. This program is essentially a cultural exchange and volunteer service program.

Tips to pack your Bag…
In fact, except your camera, sleeping bag, and trekking / sports shoes, all that you need is available at a low price in Bangalore.
You also don’t need to bring too much of clothes as the Indian dresses are the most appropriate and comfortable to live, work and integrate yourself in the local population (What, we suggest you is to bring clothes enough for 2-3 weeks & not more).

Suggestion List for a “1 year Bag” to come to India

- 2-3 pants.
- 5-8 T-shirts (preferably not too sexy for the girls).
- 1 light pullover.
- Underclothes.
- Toiletries.
- 2 towels.
- Swimsuit.
- Camera (+ some films in advance but you’ll find them here).
- Sun cream
- Mosquito repulsive.
- Gifts for your host family (Bottle of wine, chocolates, specific cake/ biscuit/sweet of your country, little “souvenir”: kitsch, but Indian people love it…).
- Photos, map, flag, postal cards of your country/ photos of your family.
- Traditional dress of your country (if it’s there).
- Recipes and ingredients, which are not available in India.
- Traveler checks (Thomas cook is the best, American express is also ok).
- Credit card: Visa and Master card are the bests (American express is also ok).
- Music Instrument (if it’s not so unpractical for you to bring it).
- Some games / books about handicrafts or paper folding/colorful English books will help you if you have to work with children
- For your mobiles phone you can get SIM cards in India, (you will require passport copy, photograph, address proof)
- If you have any doubts about anything you can always ask ICA- India people and they will be happy to help you

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