InternAfrika gives you the opportunity to find the internship that matches your profile and fits your expectations. We provide you with different internships of quality in various sectors.

Our Cape Town internship program offers an astonishing variety of international internship opportunities against the backdrop of one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

Cape Town is packed with outdoor adventures and experiences. Popular internships in Cape Town include business and entrepreneurship, medical and health care, tourism, human rights and social work …


Internship Sectors

Marketing is at the core of every business wanting to be known and aiming to develop & prosper. Our partners are offering you a wide range of interesting and diverse marketing missions in South Africa.

Do you want to gain financial skills while benefiting from an amazing international experience in South Africa ? Our partners in the Financial sector are able to provide empowering experiences that will add value to your curriculum.

Even though South Africa is well developed, it remains a nation which bears the marks of a strong social divide. It is thus no surprise if working for a social organisation or joining as a volunteer for an NGO can turn into a very enriching experience, giving you the opportunity to assist people from underprivileged background. Several of our partners are involved with charity organisations, working actively to improve thousands of lives in the country.

Business development
Students with a keen interest in business usually wish to develop their skills in related fields such as marketing, finance, public relations and communication. Finding the right internship can become an obstacle course when you haven’t answered yet the delicate, although key, question: “what does my dream job look like?” Since Cape Town is known as the Silicon Valley of Africa, mainly because it concentrates a large amount of startups growing at a fast pace, it is obviously a fertile ground for internship seekers, in that it gives them numerous options to find what suits them most. Contributing to develop a business will give you the opportunity to get involved in various initiatives while at the same time to work in an ecosystem of young entrepreneurs. 

Whales, lions, rhinos, sharks, elephants, unique flora… South Africa is the country that has the third most rich biodiversity in the world. With an outstanding variety of plants’ species, submarine and terrestrial animals, the country needs to be protected and makes up a fantastic testing ground and study area. The various National Parks are hosting and protecting a great number of endangered species, South Africa is hence constantly searching for new ideas and needs new interns to assist with the numerous quality Conservation programs that are spread throughout the country.

Film & Photography
Due to its unique, diverse and scenic landscapes, South Africa has become the new niche market for advertising, generating more than 3 billions euros of income per annum. The Film and Photography industry has understood the need to be present in this outstanding location and is now looking for young and fresh talents to help it to cope with the rapidly growing and fast changing international demand.

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