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Intern Abroad HQ’s mission is to offer affordable and meaningful internships abroad, that inspire personal and professional development.

We offer program flexibility, entry-level opportunities, specific goals and very targeted outcomes, with a structured and supported reflective-learning program.

We believe that opportunities to progress your career should be as accessible as possible and we understand that time can be an expensive and limited commodity – especially for students and young professionals. For this reason, Intern Abroad HQ takes a proactive approach to modern internships, which are specifically designed to build confidence and skill-sets, while heightening cross-cultural learning and global understanding.

We facilitate a structured and supported reflection program which includes the weekly introduction of different themes, learning objectives and critical thinking prompts. Our pro-active approach to experiential learning adds focus and purpose to the reflective and transformative process, empowering participants to articulate and understand their experiences, values, and individual strengths.

Duration / Dates

- Internship programs have rolling admission dates, available year-round. Applications are responded to within 2 business days. Program orientations are held on Mondays.
- Select programs start from a minimum duration of 2 weeks and are available for up to 24 weeks. The Intern Abroad HQ reflection modules are available for up to 12 weeks.
- Registration fee payments must be received no less than 4 weeks before an intern’s desired start date.

Costs / Pay

- Intern Abroad HQ was founded to offer affordable and accessible personal and career development opportunities for students and young professionals. As sister company of International Volunteer HQ, B Corp registered and leading the world in responsible volunteer travel, Intern Abroad HQ also carries all the weight of our extensive experience in responsible travel, risk management and health & safety. Our full service includes friendly consultation and internship guidance for program planning and pre-departure support.
- Intern Abroad HQ fee payments consist of the registration fee and program fee payment. These serve to secure an intern’s place and enables us to provide value-add services, support, and health and safety measures. Program fees vary depending on how long an intern is participating for. It covers project expenses, such as meals, accommodation, airport pick-up, learning course, and internship program support.

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