Working Abroad

Company : InterExchange
Duration: 1 week to 1 Year+
Approx Costs: 0 to 1000 $ Dollars (US)

Working abroad is a fantastic way to discover a whole new culture - and a lot about yourself. Explore our wide variety of work and volunteer programs and start your journey of a lifetime!


Working Abroad Programs

Au Pair Abroad

If you love children as much as you love the idea of living abroad, then an au pair program is for you! You’ll live with a welcoming host family overseas and receive a stipend in exchange for providing weekly child care. In addition to experiencing family life in another culture, you’ll also have free time to make friends, take classes, and travel.

Camp USA

Do you love kids and want to experience the American outdoors? Working at a camp in the U.S. might just be the most fun and exciting summer job you’ll ever have! Put your skills to use at a summer camp and connect with campers while exploring American culture.

Career Training USA

Are you a current university student or young professional interested in experiencing American culture and adding international experience to your resume? Join the Career Training USA program and gain practical job training while experience the American culture for up to 12 months!

Spanish Immersion

Want to travel and improve your Spanish? You can do both on the Spanish Immersion programs in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru! This is the ideal (and affordable) way to improve your language proficiency quickly while exploring a beautiful country and connecting with locals.

Teach English Abroad

Interested in helping youth with their English and traveling?  Embark on an journey in Europe and East Asia! Whether you’d like a classroom teaching experience, or a home tutoring setting, there are many opportunities to explore!

Work & Travel Programs

Spend up to one year living abroad, working, and making a ton of new friends!  Work & Travel programs allow you to affordable experience another country more in-depth than a tourist and boost your resume!

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InterExchange Working Abroad Reviews

Really recommend

I really recommend working overseas with InterExchange as your visa sponsor. They explain how to sort things out really well and everything was super easy! I had the best summer ever! I couldn’t recommend them enough!

By: Eleanor Bird
Nationality: British
Age: 21

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