Inhispania is a school exclusively dedicated to the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language, accredited by the Instituto Cervantes. 

Every year we welcome more than 1,200 international students, making it one of the most popular Spanish schools in Madrid.

With other schools, you learn Spanish, but with Inhispania we also make sure you have a great experience. From one week to a full academic year, from beginners level to advanced, Inhispania has the Spanish course you need.

Learning a language is also learning the culture and getting to know other people who speak that language. We recommend you to participate in our activities. Also if you need accommodation in Madrid during your Spanish course, Inhispania can help you to find the right place.

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Inhispania Reviews

Greatest time studying Spanish at Inhispania

When I wanted to learn Spanish a couple of years ago some colleagues of University recommended InHispania. They said it was a well organized school with a large amount of activities that where offered. And they we’re absolutely right! I’ve only been there for three weeks, but not only did my Spanish increased by the day, I also had the greatest time of all. The accommodation was well organized, the activities were really fun and all the staff members always ready to help. The group I met there is still in contact with each other. Two of them (American and Australian) who met there are actually getting married! So InHispania is not only for studying, but also for fun and apparently love!

By: Jo-Janneke Nieuwland
Nationality: Netherlands
Age: 21

My favorite Spanish school ever in Madrid !!

I have studied in different language schools around Madrid and I love most Inhispania school because of its affordable price which i found one of the cheapest ones but better experience than other more expensive schools I had studied. I wish that i could have found it sooner to save more money and improve Spanish better.

By: Lan Anh
Nationality: Vietnamese
Age: 25

Great experience!

Definitely one of the best experiences i have ever had! Aswome and relaxed atmosfere, cool professors and really interesting and interactive classes. They have organized different activities and excursions too. Really kind and helpful with everything! Place where I made friends for lifetime from all around the world!

By: Emilija
Nationality: Macedonian
Age: 25

The best place to improve your language skills

I've had an opportunity to study at Inhispania twice (winter and summer 2017). If you want to get in touch with Spanish culture and get acquainted with new people, learn and improve your language, you should definetely go there at least once. Promise, you would be greatful for such an experience.

By: Elizaveta
Nationality: Russian
Age: 21

Best experience in Madrid!!

I had the best experience in Inhıspania last summer ! The location and the atmosphere of the school was great! I really met the nicest and kindest people there. Always enjoyed the classes and the activities after! Such a social place! I hope I visit them one more time!:) Muchas gracias por todo İnhispania hasta luego!!:

By: Nursu
Nationality: Turkey
Age: 21

Awesome experience

I was amazed by how energetic my teacher was! For that reason I enjoyed studying at inhispania so much. They also did activities every single day, and I got to make friends through those activities as well. Overall, it was an awesome experience!

By: Karen
Nationality: Japan
Age: 23

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