Indonesia Heritage Foundation (IHF)

Indonesia Heritage Foundation (IHF) (IHF) or Yayasan Warisan Nilai Luhur Indonesia , is a nonprofit organization founded by Dr. Ratna Megawangi and Dr. Sofyan Djalil in June 2000

IHF Programs

1. Building Community -based Non Formal Kindergarten " Semai Benih Bangsa" in poor communities (partnership with sponsors)

SBB is designed to be community initiatives. The schools are owned, run and supported by the community. They were designed in this manner to provide the community responsibility for the education of their children. This way, education and character development become important to the entire community; owned and run by the community. Numerous evidences have shown that once SBB schools have been opened, the number of participating children will increase every year, and never will the schools be closed. This proves the sustainability issue.

The IHF provides a starter package for those who want to adopt the SBB school that follows a comprehensive curriculum model that includes 15-day teacher training, the provision of all resources that are necessary to deliver instruction (including modules, lesson plans, 124 story books, 60 songs in a cassette recorder, teacher references books, 70 types educational toys, and explicit instructions on how to implement the themes).

2. Running Character Schools

3 . Helping existing schools to adopt the model of Character Based Holistic Education (partnerships with sponsors for schools in poor communities).
Many existing kindergartens and elementary schools in Indonesia practice harmful pedagogies, such as harsh teaching, too much academic pressure and little attention on child's socio-emotional development. Children's whose academic self-esteem is destroyed during these formative years, will never fully realize their latent abilities and talents, even will have some psychological problems.

It was why the IHF developed a school model (CBHE model) based on the premise that each person should find identity, meaning, and purpose in life through connections to the community, to the natural world, and to spiritual values such as compassion, peace and tolerance.

The present government policy on KTSP to allow schools to independently improve its school curriculum, is a golden opportunity for us to alter the existing long-held practice of one-way, rigid, fragmented, passive, and unpleasant way of learning that have made the quality of Indonesia's human resource as among the worst in the world. KTSP policy gives a legal autonomy for each school to improve itself by adopting any better quality curriculums that could create joyful, more productive learning experience, and thus individuals with character. Also, this policy enables individuals to participate in building better school system in their own communities.

The IHF invites sponsoring individuals, companies and organizations to help schools, especially in the poor communities, to have access to high quality of education.

4. Franchising Character Schools ( Underconstruction…)

5. Seminar s & Workshop s on Parenting and Character Education

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