India Study Abroad Center (ISAC)

ISAC is a social organization based in Mumbai, India that specializes in providing internship and volunteering opportunities to foreign nationals who wish to contribute their time in India.

At ISAC, we have always taken pride in offering our programs at costs that are lower than what you would get anywhere else in the world. This year, we are delighted to offer partial scholarships on our rural and urban programs for the months of August, September and October, 2012.

These scholarships are valid for ALL those who apply between May 3rd and June 10th.

Apply now to avail of the following scholarships!

Teach Rural Children- Save $600!
Website Cost: $1,400
Scholarship Cost: $800

Love working with kids? Here’s your chance to make a difference to the lives of children from underserved communities! Live and work in rural areas teaching English, Math, Science, Art, Craft, Music or Social Sciences in village schools. This is ISAC's most hands-on program and allows participants to have a direct impact on rural communities.

Clinical Rotation- Save $400!
Website Cost: $2,250
Scholarship Cost: $1,850

The Clinical Rotation Program gives students a chance to learn about healthcare delivery and health problems faced by communities in an urban setup. This program offers great learning opportunities for pre-meds, medical students, public health students and nursing students who are interested in international health.

Film and Media Program- Save $400!
Website Cost: $2,350
Scholarship Cost: $1,950

If you have a passion for film then this is the program for you! ISAC's film and media program is a one of a kind program that is based in the heart of India's film industry popularly known as "Bollywood". Set in the bustling metropolis of Mumbai this program entails one-on-one meetings with professionals, visits to live sets, tours of post-production facilities and a student project; fostering both intense learning and cultural immersion.

Grassroots Community Development Program- Save $450!
Website Cost: $1,400
Scholarship Cost: $950

This program is an opportunity to work with organizations that are at the forefront of social change in India. Observe, learn and participate in the areas of poverty alleviation, health, women's empowerment, micro-credit, community development, child sponsorship, HIV / AIDS interventions and awareness programs, education and teaching programs.

Rural and Public Health Rotation- Save $450!
Website Cost: $1,400
Scholarship Cost: $950

This is an opportunity to gain insights into a large, complex and effective healthcare system that works with a range of infectious diseases and impacts remote populations of rural India. ISAC offers an in-depth Rural and Public Health rotation for medical and pre-medical students to work with local doctors on mobile vans, hospitals, clinics and AIDS/HIV interventions.

To avail of these scholarships simply write in to us at between May 3rd and June 10th with the following details:

First Name:
Last Name:
Country of residence:
(this will be your username)
Date of Birth:
Name of University:

Please add a short paragraph explaining why you would like to do this program and apply for a scholarship.

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