ILISA Language Institute

ILISA Language Institute in Costa Rica or Panama can help you with professional Spanish immersion classes.

We offer intensive Spanish language training for motivated adults by well-trained and experienced teachers in first-class facilities at a great location in beautiful and friendly Costa Rica.

We know you have seen other school sites so we made sure visiting our site would be worth your time. ILISA on-line is not just an electronic brochure but was developed to give you a complete picture of all aspects of language study in Costa Rica at ILISA, including: preparation, how to get here, the country, and the school itself.

ILISA is a medium-size language school located in a suburb of San José, Costa Rica. Our mission is to give you the language skills you need to help you develop yourself professionally or to allow you to better enjoy your travels. To reach these goals, we offer a variety of well-developed yet flexible programs.

Founded in 1987, ILISA has a team of qualified and dedicated Spanish teachers with many years of teaching experience. During our more than 23 years of existence, we have used this experience to train over 6.000 people from all over the world.

Regardless of your background or current level of proficiency, ILISA will make your study rewarding and enjoyable. For your first step towards a professional yet personal approach to speaking better Spanish, start exploring our website now!

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