The IFEA summer camp is perfect for students between the ages of 19-25 who are studying an events management of business course. The camp takes place during the Fira Tàrrega festival. This festival brings street performers from around the world into one place. The students who go to this camp will gain a lot of knowledge about events and will gain many contacts which they can use later in life. The camp involves many interesting seminars and events thourghout Fira Tàrrega.


The camp is suitable for students that have an interest in events training and events management. The training camp costs 300 euro which includes camping accommodation, meals,travel cost around Tàrrega and many interesting seminars as well as being able to see the Fira Tàrrega festival for themselves. Flights to Spain are not included in the cost. 


This is a very rare and valuable experience for students and it is a once in a life time opportunity for students to engage with like minded people from all over the world and to make connections they may not be able to make otherwise. Since this camp is for students from all over the world we can only take two people from each country.

Duration / Dates

8th-11th September

Costs / Pay

300 euro plus flights.

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