Idyllwild Arts Academy

The Idyllwild Arts Academy provides pre-professional training in the arts and a comprehensive college preparatory curriculum to a diverse student body of gifted young artists from all over the world.

Changing lives through the transformative power of art. Idyllwild Arts’ idyllic mountain setting inspired its name.

Set on over 200 acres situated in the mountain village of Idyllwild, Idyllwild Arts is a unique educational institution with a focus in all art forms for all artists of every age and level of accomplishment.

Although the Idyllwild Arts’ sprawling and pine-forested campus comprises 205 acres in the San Jacinto Mountains, it is only a short 2 hour drive from Los Angeles and San Diego.

Idyllwild Arts has a long and rich history of nurturing the creative talents of thousands of artists. Since the late 1940s Idyllwild Arts has been dedicated to providing the ideal environment for artists in every artistic discipline to seriously pursue their artistic passions.



We believe that each employee contributes directly to Idyllwild Arts’ growth and success, and we hope that you will take pride in being a member of our team. We strive to make each employee’s experience here enjoyable, challenging and rewarding.

Idyllwild Arts Foundation exists to promote and advance artistic and cultural development. The mission of the Idyllwild Arts Academy is to provide pre-professional training in the arts and a comprehensive college preparatory curriculum in an environment conducive to positive personal development for gifted young artists from all over the world.

The mission of the Idyllwild Arts Summer Program is to provide for students of all ages and abilities the opportunity to benefit from arts instruction of the highest caliber. Idyllwild Arts Foundation is committed to providing financial aid, where needed, for talented young artists from diverse backgrounds.

The administration and staff provides support and each member plays an integral role in the mission, vision and values of Idyllwild Arts.

Your Human Resources Department is the liaison between administration and each member of the faculty and staff. It is their purpose to communicate and support personnel policies and employee benefits for the best interest of Idyllwild Arts and each employee. One of their objectives is to provide a work environment that is conducive to both personal and professional growth.

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