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IBO Italy is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and non-profit organization of Christian inspiration engaged in the field of international cooperation and volunteering in Italy and in the world.

Also known as the Italian Association of Constructor Members , it is part of a Network whose activities began in 1953 with the first labor camps for the reconstruction of homes for refugees from the Second World War. IBO is the Flemish acronym of Internazionale Bouworde, which means precisely "International Builder Members".

A story of people, commitment and participation:

● since 1957 present in Italy;
● established in 1968 as a Voluntary Association;
● since 1972 recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to operate in the field of international cooperation. IBO Italia was the first NGO in Italy to officially carry out a cooperation project with the MFA;
● in 1996 the first EVS volunteer in Italy arrives with IBO Italy.

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