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It's one of the most rewarding volunteer opportunities, because when you volunteer at I Can Foundation not only do you enrich the life of a child and help that child but you also develop a tremendous sense of inner joy.

The I can Children’s Foundation opened up its new home on Tuesday December 15. The two story, 6 bedroom house was completed almost two years after the previous dwelling was gutted by fire. In a short ceremony under a sheltered tent, many friends and well wishers joined Cassandra and the children in the opening of the new home.

The ceremony was preempted and serenaded with music by a local drum band comprised entirely of youngsters under the direction of local cultural icon Youmay Dormoy.

After a brief historical account of the Foundation and a short blessing by one of the local ministers, the invited guest were treated to a tour of the new home reflecting a cozy, charming and warm colorful interior perfectly suited for the mood of a family dwelling. The walls of the bedrooms and some of the other rooms are decorated with ornate artwork and inspiring quotations.


Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the I Can Home. As a volunteer, you are one of our most important resources, and we value your time and talents.

The Role of Volunteers
Whether you rock a baby, read to a preschool child or romp with a toddler on the playground, volunteers play a vital role in helping our children's developmental growth. Volunteers also support our social service programs, help organize donations and other fund-raising tasks. Volunteers are also needed to ensure the success of special projects undertaken by the Foundation’s staff.

Making It Easy To Make A Difference
At the I Can Home there are as many ways to help as there is work to be done. Flexibility and variety are our specialties. We invite our volunteers to create their own flexible volunteer schedule. Join us for an hour, an afternoon, an entire day or more - it's up to you.

Sharing Your Talents
Are you a teacher or former teacher? A lawyer, an accountant or a public relations professional? Do you speak different languages? Do you love cooking, sewing, reading or gardening? Are you a fitness expert or an arts and crafts whiz? Whatever your skills or passions, if you're ready to share them, we want to make sure the Home and its kids benefit from them. So, please be sure to let us know how we can use your expertise and interests to greatest use in our I Can volunteer opportunities.

Getting Started
If you've never been to the Shelter before and plan to visit on a regular basis, we ask that you schedule a 30-minute orientation by contacting Cassandra Gibbs by phone at 547-7013. During the orientation, we'll tell you more about our mission, introduce you to our staff and children and give you a brief tour of our facility.

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