Hunan Software Vocational Institute

HSVI is a private vocational training college that provides 3 year courses for over 12,000 students in the Hunan region.

It boasts an impressive English department which provides foreign based language training for its students who range from beginners to upper-intermediate business English students. 


A bit about HSVI

Hunan Software Vocational Institute, located in Xiangtan city, boasts a growing foreign teaching department which is helping to contribute to the rapid development of the college. Most teachers come to Xiangtan in search of adventure, to broaden their teaching horizons and gain experience or simply to take a break.

60% of HSVI’s foreign teachers love it so much they return for a second stint. The reason? Teaching here is a chance to immerse yourself in an ancient and fascinating culture, improve as a teacher, learn mandarin in an immersive environment, form lasting friendships with an eclectic mix of people and genuinely impact the lives of your students and people who will cherish their time with you and the knowledge you will pass on to them.

Having heard horror stories of poor living conditions, stipulations to maintain 8am-5pm office hours and a lack of departmental support, you will be incredibly satisfied with the level of attention and comfort you receive at HSVI.  The staff are there to help you at every turn and will go out of your way to make you feel at home in your new environment all while giving you the freedom to pursue your own individual interests. It really is like a big, old family.

In fact, life in a developing city coupled with a good deal of free time and a handy salary will yield opportunities in business, travel, language, friendship and personal pursuits should you wish to seek them. 

During their time teaching, past and present teachers have learnt mandarin, formed movie and sports clubs, taken part in television advertisements, received awards for their contributions to the city and a national photography prize, joined sporting teams, written an English textbook to be published and used by the college, earned promotions, travelled extensively in and around China and begun online distance learning.  


About Xiangtan

Xiangtan is a unique city located in the mountainous heart of Hunan, China.  It is home to more than 3 million people but is considered quite small for Chinese standards.  While living in Xiangtan you will see things that will amaze, shock and make you smile everyday.

Xiangtan has something for everyone. A typical day is spent eating the fiery yet delicious food, exploring the developing city and hiking the nearby mountains, meandering through its lively parks, enjoying the markets and outdoor barbecues and partying hard in the ever expanding bars and nightclubs.

Being such a small and relaxed city, Xiangtan is one of the cheapest places to live in China.  Coupled with your free apartment, phone expenses, utilities, and flight and medical reimbursements, your salary will be more than enough to live quite prosperously.

Xiangtan is conveniently located near the beautiful scenic precinct of Zhangjiajie, Fenghuang and Dehang as well as the vibrant city of Changsha.  And, if you fancy travelling to more well-known cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong , they’re just a few hours away on China’s high speed bullet trains.

So if you think it’s time to move out of your comfort zone guides into a foreign environment you won’t find in the travel guides, take the plunge and choose HSVI as your next home. You’ll be glad that you did!

Duration / Dates

We are seeking applicants to begin on September 01.

Costs / Pay

Salary: 4,600 RMB/month - includes holiday periods

Flights: Reimbursed up to 10,000 RMB

Medical/Visa: Medical examination/Visa costs reimbursed. Free health insurance.


Travel: 1200RMB allowance twice a year

Holidays: 2 month summer holiday, 2 month winter holiday, 10 day national holiday in October

Start of semester bonus: 700RMB

Chinese Lessons: Free


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