German Courses for Juniors in Germany

Company : Humboldt-Institut
Activity: Learn German
Country: Germany
Duration: < 1 week to 3 months
Approx Costs: 100 to 2000 € Euro

We offer German language courses for “Juniors” - the term for our youngest students, starting at age 7 and, in some schools, ranging up to the age of 14.

Our schools for juniors are all located amidst a beautiful landscape, either in very picturesque little villages and towns, or on the periphery of larger cities. This way we can guarantee for the absolute safety of our young students.

Our staff will try to create a feeling of being one big international family at the Humboldt-Institut, where all students are integrated, and where German is the only language spoken. Having a chance to practice the target language all day long, even outside of the classroom, will speed up the learning process incredibly, and increase the motivation of the students.



Bad Schussenried ages 10-13 (+14-17)
Junior intensive German courses all-year round between Lake Constance and the Danube and Iller rivers

Bad Duerkheim ages 11-14
Junior intensive courses in July in a historic spa town

Berlin-Lehnin ages 9-13
Junior intensive courses in July just outside the capital of Berlin

Reimlingen ages 9-13
Junior intensive courses in July in Southern Germany

Heessen Castle ages 9-13
Junior intensive courses in July and August in Western Germany

Wittgenstein Castle ages 7-11 (and parents)
Junior intensive courses in July at Wittgenstein Castle


Special Programs for Juniors

Beside our regular intensive German language courses we offer special programs with emphasis on additional highlights. For Juniors we provide the following:

  • School Preparatory Course
  • Secondary Education in Germany
  • German for School Classes and Groups
  • German Language plus Horseback Riding
  • German Language plus Rowing
  • German Language plus Sailing
  • German Language plus Tennis



Residential Schools
In our residential schools students stay on the same campus where they have their lessons, which has, of course, many advantages for our course participants: they have all meals together, spend the afternoons, evenings and weekends together - hence it is very easy for them to make a lot of new friends from different countries in a short time.

Our juniors usually share a room with one or several other students, as most of our schools have 2-4-bed rooms, either with shared or en-suite facilities.

We are careful about choosing roommates according to several rules which have proven to be successful: we will match each junior with someone of the same German language level, so that they can practice their newly acquired skills on equal terms, i.e. without frustrating neither the more advanced, nor the less trained student. We also make sure that the roommates have similar age. We also avoid to put two native speakers of the same language in one room, so that the students will hopefully have to use German as their language of communication with their roommate.

Our course fees for juniors always include full board, i.e. we serve them breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, as well as a snack or some fruit during the breaks. Our kitchen staff is used to catering to this age group and offers tasty and healthy food, while finding a balance between typical German and international dishes. We can also provide meals for students with allergies, dietary or religious food restrictions (e.g. for Muslims).


Dates & Prices

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