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Mkulu Kei Horse Trails a working horse riding gap holiday opportunity on the Wild Coast in South Africa

Mkulu Kei Horse Trails Cher – a - Don
Working Holidays

Horseback riding holidays on a career break or as a riding volunteer or a non-riding volunteer your best holiday for either working with the horses or riding the horses both on the beach and on safari adventures. Volunteers will also have the opportunity to assist with the Lalapanzi Cher – a – Don Adventure Camps. A combination of equine and adventure camp work as well as riding at a busy trail riding stable in a family environment, relaxed accommodation available, tranquil farm life, wilderness, unspoiled pristine coastline, history, rural life, bird life, game, rolling hills, jagged cliffs, culture and heritage. A working in South Africa with Mkulu Kei riding holidays and Cher – a - Don Lalapanzi Adventure Camp, a diversity of experiences, equestrian, scenery and terrain on each day and get on the job experience working overseas. An equestrian horse working riding and adventure camp gap experience in South Africa with Cher-a-Don Mkulu Kei horse trails, riding holidays and Cher – a – Don Lalapanzi Adventure Center, working holidays. If you love working with horses and people and are looking at traveling abroad, this is your work & travel, affordable, volunteer exchange adventure.

Join us on a volunteer vacation at Mkulu Kei and Cher – a - Don Lalapanzi for your volunteer work in South Africa. Mkulu Kei is an equine breeding stud and horse riding establishment, offering coastal horse-riding trails, horseback trekking safaris, vacations, shorter out rides to the public and Safari riding through a game reserve. Cher – a – Don Lalapanzi Adventure Center is a wilderness retreat and adventure camp with customized teambuilding activities for all ages and fitness levels. If one is planning, or looking for things to do for a school camp, outing for leadership identification, class outing, sport team building weekend or a motivational outdoor office team building trip. Cher – a – Don Lalapanzi Adventure Center is a fun way to improve a class or company's communication skills, morale, trust and cohesiveness and strengthen the teamwork of the group, build team spirit and an atmosphere of cooperation.

A gap year working riding holiday program with lots of horse riding on the beach at Morgan Bay, on the unpopulated beaches of the South African Wild Coast and trail riding with Wildlife. On a working riding holiday work with trained horses in the saddle, training foals on the ground, and with the young horses, helping us back them and get them going under saddle. The working holiday program will also include assisting and joining in the fun filled adventures on offer at Cher – a – Don Lalapanzi.

Equestrian students, pass on your equine knowledge by teaching, guiding and helping our riding clients on the out rides and an opportunity to transfer your skills to underprivileged local black children in our development program. During your working/gap holiday put your horse riding and equine knowledge into practice and gain experience with sick or injured horses and work with abused and rescued equines. Learn natural horse behaviour and "join up" techniques. Volunteer work with horses at Mkulu Kei horse trails and you could help lunging, halter training young horses, schooling in an outdoor arena, ride through game or horse ride on the beach out ride helping clients.

If you are a non-riding volunteer you can build relationships and share your various established skills with the clients and your piers at Cher – a – Don Lalapanzi Adventure Center. We welcome and utilize a diversity of skills whether they be more physical, problem solving, trouble shooting, listening, offering therapeutic advise, orienteering, organizing, socializing, encouraging, motivating, creativity, educating, communicating or if you’re just a nature freak all are welcome! Gap year adventure students can volunteer to help with school and children groups at the adventure centre with activities such as the obstacle course, abseiling, canoeing, raft building, rock climbing, hiking, orienteering, target shooting, volley ball, paintball and other eco adventure tourism experiences.

A great way to gain work experience for the equestrian student or those interested in the tourism industry. On a gap year opportunity for a few months or a full year working with our horses or at our adventure center you will not only gain experience but help teach and guide.

Join us on a South African adventure from one week to a 90 day period, any volunteer may request to extend their stay or change their daily rate at any stage by giving us 48 hours notice.

If you are intending to stay for longer than 90 days, it is worthwhile applying for a visa in your home country before you travel.
Volunteers on a working holiday may request to join an existing over night trail at a quoted and reduced rate, as a second guide.
For those who are on a 6 months or more gap year, a four-day overnight trail will be included in your daily rate.

Mkulu Kei horse trails and safari riding exchange gap holiday opportunity on the Wild Coast in South Africa. Volunteer with us you will not be just a number, you become one of our family.

If there is work you are more than happy to help, any hour, any day.

You work with us and play with us and become part of our family lifestyle. You will be given time off to just chill or visit the beach, local watering hole etc. It is recommended that you have a valid drivers license.

Horseback riding students and volunteers will be allocated tasks according to their riding ability. You could work in teams or as an individual on different projects and could find yourself painting poles and jumps, grooming, halter training foals through to backing youngsters, schooling going horses with potential, jumping, helping with medical problems, working with abused and neglected horses, pulling out foals, helping with teaching in the pony camp, help around the stable and being a second guide / instructor. You will get lots of time to ride different horses and you will get to ride horses on the beach regularly.

We are aware that volunteers on your working riding gap vacation have different requirements and expectations so we are offering different types of all-inclusive packages at different daily rates.

We try to accommodate you with your overseas travel plans and have no fixed dates. You tell us which option suits you how long you wish to stay and which dates. Send us an email. Tell us about yourself, your expectations, and future plans. Nothing-formal just chat. We can then advise you when we have available space.

This is an adventure travel volunteer holiday, not employment. Without the paying volunteers we could not finance the development project or be in the position to take in unwanted and injured horses.

Volunteering is an affordable, inexpensive holiday option; on each ride you are riding a horse that we could have used to earn revenue. We have done alterations to the house to accommodate you plus there is your living expenses to consider.

Without your extra pair of hands we would not have successfully rehabilitated so many abused and neglected horses. It is time consuming to get their trust and work through issues and they require constant reassuring and handling. Your effort and loyalty is highly appreciated.

Come join us ...

...and you will see rolling hills, rich Savannah grasslands and thick-forested valleys with multitudes of rivulets cascading down to rivers that eventually spill out onto quiet sandy beaches, fantastic high rise cliffs and spectacular rock formations that make the Wild Coast in South Africa one of the most beautiful places in the world. An incredible combination of cross-country horse riding and the exploration of our beautiful coastline.

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