Helping Kenya

Helping Kenya is a responsible and meaningful volunteer agency, who specialise in matching volunteers with projects where they can make the most difference.

Helping Kenya is run by a Kenyan conservationist and his British wife, and both have very close personal relationships with the projects in Africa. We have both run and taken part in volunteer projects in Kenya, so we have been there, and experienced what the volunteer will experience.

We try to match volunteers from all over the world to the project they will be able to contribute the most, with their skills, qualifications and experience, enabling volunteers to make the most difference, although some projects also need unskilled volunteers.

We have projects ranging from Orphanages and Schools to Marine Conservation, Sports Coaching, Medical, Drug Rehabilitation, HIV & AIDS prevention, Waste Management and Recycling, Community Projects, enabling locals to find alternative sources of income that don't destroy the natural environment.

If a volunteer doesn't think they would automatically fit into a project, there may be some other skill they could bring with them, such as website design, marketing, photography, art, public speaking, or even a skill they could teach.

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