Thailand Coastal and Turtle Conservation

Company : GVI
Location : Ban Nam Khem
Duration: 1 week to 3 months
Approx Costs: 1250 to 3000+ £ Pound (UK)

On this all-encompassing and exciting expedition, you can assist in conserving Thailand's natural environment.

Due to its natural beauty and unique land and marine life, Thailand has become a top tourist destination. Visitors come to the area to relax on its many beaches, dive to see coral reefs and endangered Green sea turtles, and visit the nearby islands, some of which are home to critically endangered species. 

Yet, Thailand’s natural environment, specifically its coastal regions, beaches and islands, are under threat. Plastic pollution threatens its wildlife species including Green sea turtles, whales, and other species, resorts built too close to the shoreline cause beaches to erode, unsustainable fishing practices and climate change are a threat to coral reefs, illegal logging causes deforestation, and kidnapping and poaching put key species at risk. These environmental threats negatively affect Thailand’s economic development as tourism is an important source of income for the country.

Given these threats, GVI's Coastal and Turtle Conservation Project works to preserve Thailand's natural environment and wildlife through various sustainable conservation initiatives:

  • Conservation projects involve working at our partner The Royal Thai Navy Turtle research and conservation headstart centre (usually twice per week) assisting with animal husbandry, enclosure enrichment studies, morphology studies, cleaning the tanks and maintenance.
  • You will also be involved in biodiversity and camera trapping surveys on nearby naturally pristine and barely habited islands. Very few tourists have the opportunity to visit these islands.
  • You will be involved in regular beach cleans, bird and butterfly surveys and teaching environmental education classes, along with other environmental awareness initiatives in the local community.
  • You will learn different survey methods and have the opportunity to put some of them into practice.
  • From November to April, you may also be involved in coral reef monitoring. Snorkeling takes place once a week.
  • You may also get the opportunity to take part in special events with our partners, like mangrove planting or summer camps at the school.



  • Work toward conserving endangereds turtle, monitor and study Thai bird life, clear plastic off the beaches, and improve environmental awareness throughout the community.
  • Experience Southern Thailand's truly awe-inspiring beaches, islands and underwater worlds.
  • Contribute to UN Sustainable Development Goal #14 and #15, Life Below Water as well as Land and Life.

Start Dates

Weekly start dates.

Costs / Benefits

Since we opened our doors in 1998, we have spent over 65% of all funds directly on our projects. It is our mission to support field operations in the long term. Rather than abandon programs that recruit fewer volunteers we strategically invest from our fully staffed sites to help maintain our presence across the globe. The remaining 35% that is not directly invested in our programs covers the cost of volunteer recruitment and the operations of our head office.

Cost for the program by duration:
1 week £1,295
2 weeks £1,495
3 weeks £1,695
4 weeks £1,895
5 weeks £2,095
6 weeks £2,295
7 weeks £2,495
8 weeks £2,695
9 weeks £2,895
10 weeks £3,095
11 weeks £3,295
12 weeks £3,495


- 18+
- Basic to intermediate English skills
- Criminal Background check
- Medical Form
- Good physical fitness

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