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A Peruvian based vacation and social travel organization. We offer purpose based travelers affordable, unique, and life-changing adventures in Peru. We also have a NYC office.

About GTE Volunteers

Who we are?
GTE Volunteers is member of GTE Travel S.A.C. a company established according Peruvian Laws. GTE Volunteers is the brainchild of three young Peruvians - Carolina Rodriguez Larrain, Diego Arbulu and Gabriela Arbulu. All share the same dream: Combine tourism and volunteerism to provide the ultimate vacation, while doing the most good.

Our Volunteers Programs and Placement
GTE Volunteers offers packages for individuals and groups, including the opportunity to combine volunteer activities with guided tours across the country. Become fully immersed in the culture of Peru - explore its rich history and multiethnic culture while having a life-changing experience. We have created 7 volunteer programs which aim to surpass our clients’ expectations of travel and volunteerism. To achieve this goal we work closely with our wide network of Peruvian non-for-profits organizations - allowing us to find the dream volunteer placement of all our clients.

Browse our site for samples of our existing programs. However, if what you are looking for is not there, please let us know and we will work with our network to make it happen. We can customize every trip to our clients’ needs.

GTE Volunteers focused on three areas: Humanitarian Aid; Environment Conservation, and Community Development. All of our programs can be combined with language classes, at the request of our clients:
• Independent Volunteer: For the intrepid traveler, we help find your perfect volunteer placement within our network of non-profit organizations. We help get you there and arrange basic logistics like accommodations. Everything else, you provide!
• Spring Break Adventure: Designed with high school and college students in mind, we offer the chance to engage in social enterprise and explore the ancient Incan culture.
• Summer Adventure: Spend 4 weeks volunteering and travelling in South America.
• Two Week Escape: On our unique 14-day escape, you’ll become immersed in Peruvian culture as you split your time between a week of volunteer service and a week of adventure travel.
• Brigades: Want to use your passion, experience and skills to dramatically improve the lives of others? We help the social traveler build the ultimate customized travel experience.
• Internship Program: We’ll work with you to customize an internship that uses all of your experiences, passion and skills, and availability. Internships usually last 2-12 weeks in duration.
• Meaningful Journeys: Our Meaningful Journeys combines visits to Peru’s major tourist attractions such as Machu Picchu and Nazca Lines with specific volunteer activities that will allow you to experience Peru as a local. Tell us what you want and we will make it happen!
Our Advantage
GTE Volunteers has a competitive advantage - our team is 100% local to Peru but also knows intimately the American way of doing things. We have all studied and/or worked in the U.S. In that sense, GTE Volunteers have the capacity to offer unique volunteer experiences in Peru while fully understand the requirements and expectations of our clients.
Our Concern = Your Safety
Our main concern is our clients’ experience – including comfort and safety. Upon arrival to Peru, a member of our team greets you at the airport. GTE Volunteers offer a cultural orientation to seed you in the culture of Peru.

We have visited each of the accommodations and volunteer placements we offer to our clients to make sure of safety and hygiene standards. Also, GTE Volunteers offers a 24/7 bilingual hotline for clients to call in case of any emergency.

Our Pricing Policy
We want to make sure that the international volunteer experience is available for most people, taking into consideration various different needs, budgets and expectations.

GTE Volunteers offers 1 to 4 week program featuring unique and delightful cultural experiences. We are a Peruvian ground operator, which means we provide the services directly to our clients and rely exclusively on in-country resources.

Many travel agencies in the U.S. work as a middle man. This increases the price significantly for those traveling. Due to our low administrative overhead, we make sure our clients can save 50 percent of the average program fee compared to other volunteer organizations.

Finally, we do not charge volunteer placement fee (unless required by the organization).

Further information can be found in the About Us section of our web site. A power point presentation is also available.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any question; we are available to meet in person or talk on the phone at your convenience.

Muchas gracias!

Gabriela Arbulu

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