Specializes in marine and terrestrial scientific conservation expeditions for gap year students, university students, career breaks and those wanting to work or volunteer worldwide.

The inspiration for Greenforce came from the Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. This was the first global recognition of the urgent need to preserve the diversity of life on earth, culminating in a resolve of 168 countries to undertake bio diversity surveys of their "at risk" regions.

Section 3c states that if the host country does not have the resource to undertake this work then an international aid organization would be invited in by the host country. Greenforce is one of those organisations.

There is not the financial backing to protect all areas. Protected zones, National or Marine Parks must survive economically as well as environmentally. Greenforce therefore works along side the local people to develop a long term sustainable action plan. We aim to ensure that when Greenforce leaves a region the future of that region will continue in balance between nature and human needs.

Greenforce is part of the Gapforce family.

Gapforce is an organisation that specialises in expeditions and programmes to remote destinations around the world. Gapforce has a combination of projects, many of which have a hands-on approach to aiding local communities. Through the conservation volunteering options and other gap ventures,

Gapforce hopes to establish itself as a leading provider for enjoyable and rewarding adventures worldwide. The conglomeration of ‘Forces’ signifies the diverse options available to enthusiastic travellers.

For 20 years, we have been providing innovative and unique projects. Greenforce has created UNESCO heritage sites in Fiji and works extensively with WWF and the Red Cross in South America. They were also in charge of the Maasai Marathon in April 2008, which proved a great success.

Using our close ties with the Year Out Group and the Foreign Commonwealth Office, Gapforce has become a pioneer in the industry, leading the way with profound vision. The safe and rewarding expeditions have no boundaries. They appeal to all ages, nationalities and religions.

Join us as we cross rivers, climb mountains, traverse through jungles, dive into crystal seas, immerse ourselves in cultural history, construct pivotal infrastructure, save wildlife, meet great new friends and have the time of your life.

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