Consulting Internship in Beijing, China

Company : Gi2C Group
Activities: Jobs / Business Internships
Location : Beijing
Duration: 4 weeks to 3 months
Approx Costs: 1250 to 3000+ $ Dollars (US)

Host company is a world class organization that brings exchange students to the United States to live with loving American host families.

Our goal of bringing people of the world closer together is what motivates both our national and regional offices on a daily basis. American students are also invited to go outbound to learn and study in different countries.

The office is mainly responsible for publicizing and promoting of exchange students program in China. Through various activities of international cultural exchange, we help middle school students to get to know more about United States, Europe, Australia, Japan, South Korea and other developed countries or regions, and to make friendship, widen their sight and improve the level of foreign language and related skills.

Our office keeps good cooperation with many professional organizations in China and abroad, in the field of international cultural exchange, we accumulated rich resources. Our team members have rich experience of international culture exchange, so we can provide prompt help for project partners to coordinate and solve all kinds of domestic and overseas problem.


Position: Consulting Intern


  • Interview the applied students online to understand students' advantages and disadvantages.
  • Give advice and guidance to the qualified students to bring them more confidence to join ISE program.
  • Assist and support to hold the Info Sessions in middle schools in China.
  • Arrange exams for the potential students in the Info Sessions and guide the qualified students.
  • Contact with oversea universities through internet or personal channel and develop the cooperation with them.
  • Communicate with the signed students and give them some advice in life and learning.
  • Other work.

Intern will be able to gain:

  • Get to know student exchange program;
  • If you want to work in this field, you will accumulate lots of working experience;
  • Organization ability;
  • Business development ability.

Please be aware that Gi2C Group is a professional internship provider. Fees may be charged for our services.


Start Dates

All year around

Costs / Benefits

Stipend: 500-1000CNY/month+ food allowance +transportation allowance


- Bachelor of above.
- English native speaker, but know some basic Chinese.
- Outgoing and enthusiastic, having good psychological quality and anti-pressure ability.
- Good communication skill and service awareness, strong expression ability.
- Know the education system of United State, quick learner.
- High sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit

Booking / Enquiry

Gi2C Group Consulting Internship in Beijing, China Reviews

Camp Counselor

I workiem ar Camp Loma Mar as a Counselor In 2008 and absolutely loved it! This is the best camp I have ever been. Everyone there was really friendly, it felt like being with a family. I wish I could go back, they are doing great job for the community and children. Definitely a place to be or at least to visit!

By: Natalia
Nationality: Czech Republic
Age: 30

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