Business Development and Marketing Internship in China

Company : Gi2C Group
Activities: Business Internships / Marketing Internships / Jobs
Country: China
Location : San-Francisco, Beijing, Shanghai
Duration: 4 weeks to 3 months
Approx Costs: 1250 to 3000+ $ Dollars (US)

We focus on creating cultural connections through our exchange programs. In China we offer teacher training and placement through our Teach in China program, homestay placement with Chinese families through our Cultural Homestay program. 

Position: Business Development and Marketing Intern - Full-time


  1. Edit news articles for business promotion.
  2. Analyze and develop overseas market;
  3. Assist colleges through the phone, email, or live chat in an effort to serve international connection;
  4. Help organize conference or marketing campaigns in foreign countries´╝Ť
  5. Manage and administer all website updates to online brochures, publication, social media and events through a content management system.
  6. Assist colleagues with international communications


You will be able to gain:

  • Inters will have the opportunity to be in charge of working on projects from beginning to end which will increase their confidence and independence;
  • Interns will have to use their imagination and creativity to produce material from scratch and differentiate the company from other competitors;
  • Interns will have the opportunity to take on leaderships roles in new or on-going projects;


Please note, this offer is time limited. Contact us and we will arrange interview for you ASAP.

Please be aware that Gi2C Group is a professional internship provider. Fees may be charged for our services.

Start Dates

All year around

Costs / Benefits

1500-2500 RMB per month


Requirements and Personal skills:
1. High teamwork skills;
2. Fluent English;
3. Good work ethic and problem solving abilities to help streamline and improve the working process is expected;
4. Experience working in a high stress environment, ability to multitask and possess, proper written and verbal communication skills are a must;
5. Self-disciplined and able to follow orders and instructions given from superior;
6. Self-motivated, cheerful, amicable, Organized and punctual.

Booking / Enquiry

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