Bahamas Marine Conservation

Company : Gapforce
Countries: Bahamas / Caribbean
Location : Bahamas
Duration: 2 weeks to 3 months
Approx Costs: 1500 to 3000+ £ Pound (UK)

Live on a stunning Caribbean island - Work for The Bahamas National Trust to help set up Marine Parks - Get PADI scuba dive qualified on the world’s third largest Barrier Reef.

In the teaming waters around Andros island Gapforce groups work with the Bahamas National Trust to survey the Island's valuable reef and its inhabitants.

Our results help create protected marine parks, assist local communities and teach conservation awareness in primary schools.

Being based in a small community in the Bahamas is a massive plus and a short walk from our base on Andros our volunteers work with the local school  Staniard Creek Primary School.

So as part of the team you'll experience unforgettable diving, make a whole community of friends and help ensure that future generations will care for the reef and its long term survival!

Start Dates

January, April, July, October


No requirements as all training will be provided

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Gapforce Bahamas Marine Conservation Reviews


The instructors were completely amazing. Had the best time of my life, introduced me to a completely new world of the blue and I fell in love. My only wish would be that I could go back, and that Gapforce would invest more into the programme to help to amazing instructors out. But as a whole an amazing experience with new experiences that will change lives and allow people to explore new things that could never be seen in Britain. I would encourage anyone to visit this beautiful place

By: Toby Waddilove
Nationality: British
Age: 19

Best decision of my life 🐠

I've fallen in love with it! I went there with no diving or conservation experiences and no expectations but that was absolutely no problem because you can learn there everything from the beginning. The accomodation is very simple (f.e. showers outside, beds only made of wood and noch matresses) and so is the food so be prepaired for that and also that you can not go anywhere except for your camp and the beach but that is totally fine because you have a lot of stuff to do but also enough free time. The staff that was working there in my phase was so nice and we all lived together like friends. You really should stay there the longest you can so you're not only learning diving but also the fish species, participating extra diving courses like deep diving or underwater photography and go on more daytrips to explore the island. Of course the project is not cheap and also the prices on Andros but it is defenitively worth it. Diving is so much fun and fascinating! You are helping to protect the marine life on this beautiful coral reef and learn a lot about the results of the reckless behaviour of humans and what we can do against that. It also helped me to think about what I want to do in my own future.
This was the best experience of my life and I highly recommend it!

By: Mara
Nationality: German
Age: 20

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