Futuro Lleno de Esperanza

In 2011 Futuro Lleno de Esperanza opened in Cienfuegos, a small pueblo in the heart of Santiago -the second largest city in the Dominican Republic. 

It's founders, Hyun Jae Shin and Ji Hye Kang, had one goal: to offer quality, faith-based education and community services empowering children to free themselves from the bonds of poverty and look forward to a future filled with hope. 

Futuro Lleno de Esperanza Foundation has since grown into a conglomerate of churches and educational centers in the Cibao Valley of the Dominican Republic. The foundation strives to offer preschool education to in agricultural and marginalized urban communities in French and Spanish. 

The center in Cienfuegos boasts a strong preschool and community center. In addition to our primary education program, we also offer community programs like dance classes, Art and Games Mornings, technology classes, reproductive health classes, and more for children and teens. 

We also host professional development workshops for teachers - open to teachers from all over Santiago. These workshops aim to enhance teaching practices of participants who will then enhance their students' education - thus creating impact far beyond our center.



We invite individual short term and long term volunteers to share and experience our community here in the Dominican Republic. 

We strive to use the gifts of our volunteers to enhance the experience of our community. That might mean that one volunteer helps with administrative tasks, while another teaches exercise classes for moms, or "do music" with the preschoolers. 


Service Learning Trips 

We do our best to accommodate international group trips. Our team works with your group leaders to help plan a fulfilling experience where your group collaborates to meet the needs of the center. Whether you have a youth group, a sports team, a group of mixed professionals, we can tailor a program to your needs and skills. 

During your time here in the Dominican Republic your team will bond, and you will begin relationships that will impact your life forever. We look forward to sharing this journey of service and ministry with you and your team. 

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