Furry Friends Farm

Furry Friends Farm is a 1.7 acre Animal Sanctuary located in Kundang, Selangor in Malaysia.

Its a vegan-run Sanctuary with 500 animals living under our roof.  The residents consists of rescued, injured, abandoned dogs, cats, chickens and a goat name Rajoo.

Our mission is to alleviate sufferings and provide quality of lives for each indivuals, making sure they are happy, healthy and enjoy a fulfilling lives until their last breath.

Furry Friends Farm is one of the best sancuaries in Malaysia. It is also unique because of the no-kill policy, that applies to all species living and sharing its home.

500 lucky animals live in the 1.7 acre area filled with grass, trees and space for them to roam and run. While 350 dogs live in huge enclosures & let run on rota basis, the 150 cats live in the cattery and have their own outdoor garden. The chickens live in an enclosure too, with ample sun, trees and fresh air to enjoy. Similary, Rajoo the famous goat live in the enclosure with space and exercise.

Furry Friends Farm, have 3 paid staff to do the general cleaning, feeding and maintenance work. However, We constantly need extra help  from volunteers with grooming, bathing and spending times with the animals. Walkng them and giving this precious the attention they longed for!

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