Fundacion Bolivar Education

Fundacion Bolivar Education is the biggest and most recognized volunteer organizations in the country.

Monthly, we have more than 100 active volunteers who come from all over the world and work throughout the four regions of the Pacific Coast, Andes, Amazon Jungle and Galapagos Islands.  

Ecuador is a small country, but so mega diverse that you could be eating breakfast in the Andes and sit down for your dinner in the Amazon!  The volunteers and projects we host here are very dynamic.  Our volunteers range from families on vacation together, students on gap year or completing internships and credits for school, various groups from other organizations and even senior citizens who have decided to spend some of their retirement abroad helping others.

The opportunities are endless with various projects such as centers that help children with special needs, senior citizens who are homeless or without family, social domestic work for women and children’s rights, and schools for blind and deaf children and orphanages. 

On the other hand we also have projects available for those interesting in teaching careers offering the opportunity to teach English or other classes to indigenous communities and of course we have our projects for those who are passionate about the environment with chances to work in the Ecuadorian Amazon in various environmental projects and even animal rescue shelters, as well as other locations in Ecuador such as the Cloud Forests or in the Andes. 

Here is a complete list of the categories of projects we have;

  • Community Development
  • Children and Youth
  • Health and Medicine
  • Animal Welfare
  • Domestic Social Care
  • Environment and Agriculture
  • Work with the Elderly
  • Teaching
  • Gender

Keep in mind that within each category, there is a plethora of projects to choose from in the various regions of Ecuador.


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