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The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation is dedicated to planting edible, fruitful trees and plants around the world to benefit the environment and all its inhabitants.

At the forefront of a global movement towards sustainability, we follow organic practices and encourage others to do the same, thus spreading the life-sustaining ecological diversity of fruit trees throughout the world. Our mission is to strategically donate orchards where the need is greatest and the harvest will best serve communities for generations.

Fruit from our orchards will help fight hunger through a sustainable source of nutrition, teach communities organic horticultural best practices, clean the air, water, and soil, provide shade for animals, supply an additional income for families, and serve as an edible classroom for school children to learn about the importance of trees for themselves, their communities, and the future!



The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation is a nonprofit charity dedicated to planting edible, fruitful trees and plants to benefit the environment and all its inhabitants. Our primary mission is to plant and help others plant a collective total of 18 billion fruit trees across the world (approximately 3 for every person alive) and encourage their growth under organic standards.

FTPF provides support, resources, and guidance for those interested in planting fruit trees and spearheads a variety of planting programs. These programs are aimed at enriching the environment, providing nutritious food sources for wild and rescued animals, and improving human health by bringing delicious, fresh, locally grown raw fruits and vegetables of the highest quality into the lives of all people.

FTPF also seeks to secure land throughout the world with the sole purpose restoring native plant ecosystems with an abundance of fruit trees and plants that benefit the surrounding air, water, and soil and provide food sources for wild animals.



Our members and supporters share a love for fruit trees, respect for nature, and a desire to foster a harmonious relationship between the human race and the environment, plants, and animals. We strive to restore the planet to a healthier state through each of our actions.

Our primary goal is to plant trees that yield edible fruits, nuts, leaves, or roots—thus spreading life-sustaining ecological diversity throughout the world. Fruit trees will be planted alongside other soil-building flora, native and medicinal trees and shrubs, hardwoods, and plants that contribute to sustainability. As we plant, we bring vibrant health to the community by making delicious, fresh local fruits and vegetables accessible. Plantings are designed to follow the contours of the land, creating swales to guide water back into the earth and address erosion issues, and replenish organic matter in the soil which is so critical to the core health of the planet.

While our ultimate vision is one of overall ecological harmony, incorporating a great number of elements for a self-sustaining world, we chose to name ourselves “The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation” to ensure that as our efforts continue, with the help of those who join us, we will be united in the goal to heal the planet and nourish future generations by planting fruit trees.

We envision a place where one can have a summer picnic under the shade of a fruit tree, breathe the clean air it generates, and not have to bring anything other than an appetite for the healthy fruits growing overhead. A world where one can take a walk in the park during a lunch break, pick and eat a variety of delicious fruits, plant the seeds so others can eventually do the same and provide an alternative to buying environmentally-destructive, illness-causing, chemically-laden products.

Simply put, our goal is to encourage and inspire the planting of 18 billion fruit trees around the world. The land lives for fruit trees. Trees improve the soil, air, and attract water. Water attracts animals. Animals enjoy fruits and spread seeds. 18 billion fruit trees can spring out of the soul of one human being — we believe in thinking big, and loving even more.

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