Nepal Earthquake Relief Project

Company : Frontier
Duration: 2 weeks to 6 weeks
Approx Costs: 500 to 750 £ Pound (UK)

Join a dedicated team of humanitarians and help distribute much needed aid and relief materials to Nepali people who have been devastated by the Gorkha earthquake.

The recent earthquake in Nepal has left a devastating impact on the lives of many Nepali people and their communities. The destruction in Nepal can be seen throughout the country and many families have been left without basic necessities including drinking water, food, clothing and shelter.

Here, you will join a dedicated team of humanitarians and help distribute much needed aid and relief materials to Nepali people who have been devastated by the Gorkha earthquake. Through this project, you will have the choice to decide how you can best use your personal talents to lend a helping hand in the areas of medicine, renovation and rebuilding, child care support or through participating in general clean-up activities.



Following the devastation of the Gorkha earthquake in April 2015 many Nepali people have been left without the basic necessities including water, food, shelter and clothing. Access to healthcare has also been drastically reduced, and all of this has come at a time when the people of Nepal need it most.

The amount of destruction in Nepal is tremendous and much of the rubble from fallen buildings and crumbling temples must be removed before any rebuilding can begin. In Kathmandu much of the city and roadways are covered in rubble making access to the city centre very difficult for volunteer groups and agencies that are currently looking to reach the many Nepali people who have found themselves homeless or living in make-shift homes. Much help is needed to remove this debris to allow for a greater mobilization of resources so that relief can reach as many people as possible.

In addition to these much needed clean-up activities, this programme also looks to provide medicines, drinking water and other supplies that have been donated from agencies all over the world to aid the Nepali people and their families. Not only are volunteers like you able to help these devastated communities by providing access to this much needed aid, but you will also be able to provide comfort, support and a sense of safety to children and families around Kathmandu giving them hope for a better future.



On this programme you must be optimistic, kind-hearted and enthusiastic about the work you are doing in order to provide encouragement and support to staff and other volunteers who are working very hard during these difficult times. You will be asked to bring whatever relief materials you can along with you including clothing, first aid and much more. Before arriving on project it will be possible for you to discuss with our partners the types of aid that it may be best for you to bring.

Whilst on project you will work alongside other volunteers on your relief team to clear debris from roadways and important areas to improve access to Nepal’s most vulnerable communities. Your time will also incorporate rebuilding efforts, distributing medicines, and carrying out basic first aid and healthcare services. You will also work to provide a sense of hope and security whilst building temporary make-shift homes for homeless Nepali children and their families.

Once in Nepal you can discuss your particular skills and interests with the in-country staff and they will work with you to create a schedule that will use your talents in the most beneficial way possible.

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