Malaysia Turtle Conservation

Company : Frontier
Duration: 2 weeks to 2 months
Approx Costs: 500 to 750 £ Pound (UK)

Head to the lush Perhentian Islands to help protect turtles. By conducting surveys, recording nesting activity and raising awareness in local communities, you can safeguard the future of turtles.

Malaysia is a paradise of lush forests, pristine beaches and tropical islands. World renowned for its diversity in wildlife and people, this incredible country offers visitors a wealth of activities and fascinating things to see and do. The result of this fantastic melting-pot of culture is a relaxed, open-minded way of life, and a world famously warming hospitality. If you can picture yourself living and working on a tropical island, contributing towards supporting local communities whilst sampling the fantastic Malay cuisine, then this beautiful country is the place for you!

With Frontier’s Malaysia Turtle Conservation project you have the exciting opportunity to make significant contributions to turtle and marine conservation. You will live and work with other enthusiastic and energetic international volunteers to conserve and protect the turtles of the Perenthian islands. 

The project conducts surveys to identify individual animals for monitoring purposes in order to record nesting activity and help protect turtle nests against predation by mammals and poachers. There is also the opportunity to work throughout the community to raise public awareness of this species. Get involved with this exciting project all while enjoying a slice of life in Malaysia!



The Malaysia Turtle Conservation Project aims to protect the endangered sea turtles that nest, breed and forage around the Perenthian islands. To achieve this, population data is being collected and individual turtles that swim around and nest on the islands are being identified and monitored. Your efforts will help protect these vulnerable turtles whilst on their nesting beaches. Furthermore, you will help to identify hotspots of sea turtle activity which can then be used by decision makers to develop a Sea Turtle Management Plan for the Perenthian Islands.



On this project you will be able to get involved with a range of activities to help protect and conserve the turtle population. These include, but are not limited to helping to collect photos of the sea turtles on nesting beaches and at sea whilst snorkeling. The information that this research gathers is vital for conservation measures as the project will be able to determine population numbers of male and female turtles, identify hotspots where conservation efforts need to be focused and also movement patterns of the turtles.

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