Malaysia Community Development

Company : Frontier
Duration: 2 weeks to 2 months
Approx Costs: 500 to 750 £ Pound (UK)

Engage with local communities by raising environmental awareness and empowering women and promote development through painting, gardening and light construction on the beautiful Perhentian Islands.

Malaysia is a paradise of lush forests, pristine beaches and tropical islands. World renowned for its diversity in wildlife and people, this incredible country offers visitors a wealth of activities and fascinating things to both see and do.

The result of this fantastic melting-pot of culture is a relaxed, open-minded way of life, and a world famously warming hospitality. If you can picture yourself living and working on a tropical island, contributing towards supporting local communities whilst sampling the fantastic Malay cuisine, then this beautiful country is the place for you!

Head to the pristine beaches of the beautiful Perhentian Islands where you can join Frontier’s Malaysia Community Development project. You will have the exciting opportunity to make significant contributions to the livelihoods of the people from the local community and make friends for life. Get involved with these exciting projects all while enjoying a slice of life in Malaysia.



This project aims to help support and develop the livelihoods of people within some of Malaysia’s impoverished communities. This is achieved through a range of engagement activities such as teaching English classes, leading school clubs on environmental awareness, providing a platform for local women to gain financial independence through vocational skills and helping with construction and beach cleaning to help maintain the local community. 



On this project you will be able to get involved with a range of activities to help support and develop the local community. These include, but are not limited to the different aspects:

Teaching and School Clubs

Help teach and organize three weekly school clubs in Eco-Snorkeling, English and Environmental classes. You will be able to assist with preparing and leading fun educational activities for the children on the island.

Women’s Support

You will be able to support local women by helping to increase their income and environmental awareness. Each week, local women host traditional ‘kuih’ (snacks & cakes) making sessions for volunteers and tourists. You will be able to give talks around local resorts to help encourage more tourists to support the local women by attending these classes or buying their products. 

Construction, Beach Cleaning & Recycling

Community development work may include construction and mini DIY projects, mural or signboard painting, herb garden maintenance, and beach cleans. A recycling competition has been introduced at the local primary school to help reduce litter on the island.

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