Madagascar Lemur Conservation Placements from £150

Company : Frontier
Duration: 1 week to 6 months
Approx Costs: 100 to 2000 £ Pound (UK)

Research and conserve the most endangered primates in the world. Help us to gain a better understanding of their ecology and implement practical conservation measures to conserve their habitat.

The Frontier-Madagascar wildlife conservation project is currently based on the 'scented island' of Nosy Be, famous for its vanilla, ylang-ylang and mangoes! Whilst on the wildlife conservation project you’ll discover a huge variety of Madagascar's exotic species, as you trek through rugged and remote regions of this hugely exciting island assessing the status of the islands lemurs.

Working alongside other dedicated volunteers, you’ll help to monitor the distribution and abundance of lemurs on the island and their habitat preferences, in order to assess how they are responding to human induced stress factors such as deforestation, habitat fragmentation and other forms of anthropogenic disturbance. You may also have the opportunity to be part of our reforestation programme, designed to help reforest areas and create natural wildlife corridors for the lemurs to move safely, and socio-economic surveys with the local people, to determine the best methods of land management for lemur populations. Depending on the time of year and length of stay you may also have the chance to be involved in either the building, installing or monitoring of nest boxes, which provide the lemurs with ‘houses’ where natural areas may be lacking.

On this project you will directly contribute to important research, aiming to inform local government about how to manage the remaining forests and conserve their invaluable natural assets. You will learn an array of surveying techniques and have a chance to contribute to the local community through our education outreach days. But of course it is not all work, and after a hard day or night trekking and exploring, you can always take advantage of the camp’s beach front location and relax on the golden beaches, snorkel in the crystal clear waters or play football against the local village!

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