Madagascar Childcare Community Development Project

Company : Frontier
Activities: Community Volunteer Projects / Humanitarian Projects
Duration: 2 weeks to 6 weeks
Approx Costs: 500 to 1000 £ Pound (UK)

Madagascar’s remote communities are home to thousands of underprivileged children, who suffer from poverty, neglect and poor health. Children's opportunities to progress in life are often thwarted by their lack of motivation to continue in education.

Through your work at our partner pre-primary school you can make a real difference to the early learning experience in one of Madagascar’s most beautiful and complicated areas, as you support them in their academic studies and personal development as part of this worthwhile and hugely rewarding project!



Our partner pre-primary school, is located right in the heart of bustling HellVille, right next to the town’s central market and just a fifteen minute walk from our Volunteer House. While working at the school you will be providing much needed teaching support to the professionals currently at the school, helping to manage the class and deliver fun and interactive lessons. Through song and dance you will also introduce the children to the English language, which in tourism-orientated Nosy Be is a skill that will help them and their families prosper in the future.

This project aims to provide much needed support to families and children by providing a safe and fun environment for children to spend their days, allowing them to benefit from vital academic development.

The school and care centre that you will be working in provides a vital lifeline for parents seeking education for their children, as well as a helping hand to young parents and single mothers who are able to return to work to earn money for the family. You can help give local children the chance of an education, and provide them with the confidence boost and attention that they so desperately crave.



You will be working in our partner pre-primary in Hell-Ville supporting nursery children in a crucial stage of their educational development. You will help lay the foundations of these children’s future success by encouraging and supporting their personal development, and helping to deliver and reinforce a broad education.

You will be asked to help with a variety of tasks and activities during your time on the project, many of which may change on a daily basis depending on the needs and demands of the children in your care.

For the younger children, you will focus on their physical and social development, primarily helping them ‘learn through play’. Activities will most likely revolve around arts and crafts, music, drama and storytelling. Playing games, both inside and outside, is the perfect opportunity to get to know the children you’ll be working with and is a great way to teach English in an informal, but effective way.

Work with the older children will concentrate more on their literacy and numeracy skills. This aspect is vitally important to ensure that they are at a suitable level to continue through the higher levels of schooling. You may take part in formal classes where you’ll take on the role of teaching assistant, or you may work with a small group on your own cementing information previously taught in class.

The in-country staff will ensure that you are always busy, helping in some way or another. You will find your contribution to this project incredibly rewarding as you come to fully understand the very large difference that your small, but valuable input can make.

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