Madagascar Beach Conservation Placements from £150

Company : Frontier
Location : Nosy Be
Duration: 1 week to 6 months
Approx Costs: 100 to 1000 £ Pound (UK)

Change the lives of those around you for the better and leave a legacy that will last for decades to come in Nosy Be, Madagascar's most perfect tropical island paradise.

Escape to Madagascar – the magical island which is home to some of the world's most spectacular and least explored tropical forests, white sand beaches and coral reefs. The crystal clear waters host a dazzling array of pristine marine habitats and support a huge diversity and abundance of marine creatures. The tropical forests support a huge diversity of rare and endemic creatures from lemurs to venomless snakes and chameleons.

The vivid multi-coloured corals and luxuriant sea grass beds provide rich feeding grounds for an extraordinary array of colourful reef fish, rays, sea urchins, anemones, octopus and even sea turtles. While barracuda, sharks, dolphins, migrating whales and shoals of pelagics cruise the deep blue waters offshore. You can explore this exquisite, untarnished underwater world as you swim and snorkel off the island of Nosy Be. Meaning ‘Big Island’ in Malagasy this location certainly lives up to its name.

Snorkel off the island's dazzling white sand beaches, swim among the clouds of tropical fish in every colour of the rainbow and wander along the empty shores. Let the vibrant culture and friendly communities warmly welcome you. Swim and snorkel from the beach to explore this pristine seascape and you'll discover extensive areas of undamaged coral, healthy populations of multicoloured fish, see turtles and marine mammals, and you'll learn to recognise a wide diversity of inter-tidal animals from tiny hermit crabs to pastel-hued anemones.

On shore apart from relaxing on the island's perfect, undeveloped beaches, you may have the chance to work in the lush mangrove forests, unique ecosystems which straddle water and land. Or you could learn about the activities of the traditional shark fishermen and the inter-tidal gleaning women, as well as discovering and reporting which marine organisms are being sustainably harvested and which are being dangerously depleted.

You will be joining an ongoing conservation and community development project, which means that you could be helping to assess the health of the reef while you snorkel off the beach, or helping local people to learn English to improve their employment prospects. Plus there will be plenty of time to relax under a palm tree and gaze at the sun-drenched ocean or laze in your hammock and enjoy the breeze.

Your days will be eventful; the work will be challenging, rewarding and fun. Your discoveries will be of huge benefit to the conservation of these fabulous coral reefs and you will gain immense satisfaction from knowing that you have helped protect these precious natural resources for future generations.

The results from your investigations will supply vital information on the Madagascan coastline to enable the sustainable management of natural resources in the region and the protection of the marine wildlife.

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