Bali Sea Turtle Conservation

Company : Frontier
Location : Bali
Duration: 2 weeks to 2 months
Approx Costs: 750 to 1250 £ Pound (UK)

Grab this once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the beauty of Bali from a local perspective and make a positive contribution to the community and to marine turtle conservation efforts!

The small island of Bali is renowned for its beautiful and varied landscapes, from towering volcanic mountains, vibrant green rice fields, contrasting black and white sand beaches and amazing coral reefs. Bali is also home to plenty of diverse and sophisticated cultural attractions and art forms such as painting, sculpture, woodcarving, music and dance. 

This valuable conservation project will see you making a positive practical contribution to the protection of beautiful and charming, yet sadly threatened sea turtle species in the tropical Indian Ocean. You will help contribute towards the work of a local conservation NGO implementing sustainable solutions to ensure the longevity of sea turtle populations in this picturesque part of the world.

You will also be welcomed into the island community where you will get the chance to interact with local villagers and help teach English at a local school. This trip is a once in a life time opportunity to experience the real Bali, and make a positive contribution to sustainable international tourism efforts. 



The beaches of Bali and its surrounding environment are under huge pressure from Indonesia’s growing tourism industry. The dramatic effects of this growth are resulting in the gradual infringement of the sea turtle’s fragile marine environment, and this loss of habitat is causing a steady decline in turtle numbers.

The slow adaptation rate of turtles to changing environmental conditions only works to exacerbate the disastrous decline in their numbers. Many baby turtles are also eaten by predators in their first few months, snarled up by nets or choked by litter and pollution. The situation for the sea turtle has become so dire that the IUCN has classified some species as ‘endangered’ and others as ‘critically endangered’. 

The Frontier-Bali Sea Turtle Conservation project offers you the opportunity to learn about not only the intriguing culture of Bali but also get hands-on in the conservation of its majestic and enchanting Sea Turtles. Through working to reduce their vulnerability to external threats and maintaining population numbers through juvenile protection and re-release you will be making a positive and valuable contribution to their survival. 



For the duration of your project you will undertake a number of different tasks supporting the work of the amazing local staff, such as collecting vital baseline data on turtle populations, and depending on the time of year you join the project you may find yourself identifying turtle species, collecting eggs, monitoring nests or making sure hatchlings safely reach the sea.

You will also work to rehabilitate the weaker juvenile sea turtles in a natural enclosure until they are ready for release. Daily tasks may involve feeding, enclosure maintenance and monitoring juvenile growth and activity. You will become part of a dedicated and hardworking team committed to protecting these beautiful creatures. 

During the day you will also have the opportunity to teach English at one of the local schools. This is a fantastic chance to really get to know the local community and culture and to provide educational support, particularly in English language fluency, which will have a lasting impact. Few native English speakers have taught English here before, so your experience is guaranteed to be an authentic one!

Please note that individual work programmes will depend on the time of year it is and the focus of the project at the time or your visit.

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