Friends of IACC

If you are looking to spend a few days, weeks, months or years doing meaningful work in animal welfare, then this is for you.

If you are interested in or know about permaculture, sustainable practices, alternative technologies then this is your chance to make your mark. If you don't mind rustic living and we have space, you can come live with us. You can also live in any of the numerous guest-houses around here.

Our routine for morning and evening includes sorting food, feeding dogs, washing dishes and then filling the water bowls and grounds cleanup multiple times. Then of course, there is the medical checkups, pulling the ticks and playing with the dogs.

We are also doing multiple projects to improve the living conditions of the dogs, building a volunteer space, improving the grounds by making it greener and more ecologically responsible, creating a web presence, fundraising, and community organizing. In the next phase we plan to do more about bringing awareness and education and making the project financially self sustainable.

So you can help us in our daily routine or building or gardening or any of our other projects. Contact us  if you are interested in volunteering at IACC and we will put you in touch with Auroville's volunteering channel.


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