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Free To Be UK aims to be the leading UK based non for profit organisation sending underprivileged youth from the UK to experience a summer they’ll never forget in America as well as providing support and workshops based within the UK.

Free to Be UK provides opportunities for young people from across the United Kingdom to enrich their creativity and self-expression through empowering experiences that may inaccessible to them otherwise.

Our vision begins with a commitment to broadening the creative outlets and opportunities for underprivileged youth from the UK. We provide safe spaces for youths to push the boundaries of their creative expression whether in a summer camp placement in America or through workshops, writing session, studio time and more.

We want to inspire young people and expand their knowledge by giving them experiences that will help shape them as creatives, collaborators, intellectuals and develop their understanding of different cultures.

Our programmes will help them focus on their creative skills whilst giving them the opportunity to seek out and try new things.

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