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We concentrate on developing a ‘new generation university’ with a modern educational philosophy which combines training activities with the actual need for skills in the country, leveraging Vietnam to a level at which it can compete with developed countries in the world.

Afterwards, FPT students have the best preparations for a global working environment after graduation with their ready-conditions provided by the university including languages, personal development, social awareness, soft skills and On the Job Training (OJT).

We are proud to be the leading IT training university in Vietnam and reap the fruits of labor with 100% of graduates getting jobs globally or pursuing master’s degrees. Currently, we are training 36,000 students in different programs and we steadily grow at 40% per year.

Being the first university in Vietnam to be awarded a 3-star Rating by the QS World University Ranking System with 5 stars in 4 main sectors: Teaching, Employability, Facilities and Social Responsibility, we commit to continuously provide superior education and training to our students for in-demand careers in a supportive, accessible learning environment, transforming students’ lives with the goal of adding values to their communities and becoming a world-class university in Vietnam and toward the globe.


Degree Programs

Whether you are looking for a fascinating university experience in a foreign country or passionate about exploring another culture without leaving home for too long, FPT University offers a wide range of study options for everyone. Explore our high-quality degree-awarded programs and enrichment short courses today!


Short Courses

Over 400 students from all around the world come to FPT University for Exchange, Study Abroad and Internship programs every year. Last year, nearly 500 students from France, Denmark, Portugal, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Brunei and Taiwan chose us for their study abroad experience.

Our short term programs highly focus on creating a globalized environment to nurture cross-culture exchange and knowledge share among mobile students. Accordingly, we always endeavor to get them involved in highly interactive classes and enrichment activities and to support them with modern facilities and necessary resources.

The academic program, which holds a high reputation for its excellent quality, is neatly designed to match any interest of various disciplines. Through the Study Abroad Programs in Vietnam, we hope to make a contribution to the education of global citizens in a globalized world.



FISEC – working under globalization strategy of FPT University, is responsible for the coordination of inbound and outbound students. We manage the promotion of the international mobility programmes for students and maintain and developing and maintaining relationships with professors and universities abroad. Furthermore, we endeavor to support FPT Univerisity’s internationalisation with different culture exchange activities and programs.

Short Courses offered by FPT University:

Semester Abroad
If you are thinking to occupy a semester abroad in Vietnam while earning credit towards your degree, this is just a perfect program for you! The program provides not only university courses in English but also extracurricular activities with FPT students, hence bringing you sense of community on campus.

Global Internship
The program exposes students to real working environment, complementing and reinforcing what they have learned at university. It also carries new cultures and places to the student’s experience and provides the opportunity to develop new skills of cross-cultural communication and adaptation.

Community Outreach
The program aims at giving students opportunities to engage with and give a helping hand to improve overall living conditions of community, which is in turn a great way for students to mature by developing social skills and public relation tasks.

English Training
The English training program aims to create an international learning environment that focuses on developing students’ language skills needed for success on the job or in their future business world. The course is delivered by experienced, TESOL-quality and native English teachers, along with class assistants from ASEAN countries.

IT Training
Our specialized and tailored made training give you hands-on learning in a practical field with a wide range of academic courses focusing on IT industry. The lessons are delivered through various methodologies to develop relevant management skills in IT projects at both personal and team level.

Study Tour
The courses are offered by FPT Greenwich under regular supervision of the University of Greenwich. It provides students the industry-related, up-to-date knowledge, certified by international standards, that is required for entering the highly competitive employment market.

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