For Love and Art

Sharing With Seniors - Bringing the Museum Art Experience to Those with Limited Mobility. In service of community, sparkling opportunities surprisingly arise.

As a hospice volunteer, I challenged Miss Billie to regain enough strength in her failing limbs to allow us to visit the city museum. Loving art as much as she did, she gave it her best effort, yet could not surmount the toll of her years.

So, like the mountain coming to the prophet, I began bringing pieces of the museum—gift shop postcards--to Miss Billie. And how she treasures them! Their power and beauty create a blessed respite from worldly trials and tribulations and celebration ensues!

Art has power that flows beyond mere understanding. Art enlivens and nourishes, stimulates and sustains—indeed, some call it “food for the soul.” Our museums simultaneously protect, display, explain, and share these gems with a grateful public.

Still, there are those individuals who have the desire but lack the mobility to visit our cultural repositories. Designed to work in harmony with museum outreach programs, community charities, and area hospices, “For Love and Art” delivers the art experience to them.

Consistent with their express purpose of community service, participating museums generously provide digital images of their popular works, perhaps with apt commentary. These vibrant images are installed in digital notebooks (provided by community charity), and then donated to area hospices. Like a library book, hospice volunteers “check out” the notebook prior to visitation and share the art with their charges, all at once inspiring conversation, reflection, recollection, and celebration.

Starting with our alliance with the Touching Our World Foundation, philanthropic organizations collaborate in our mission. Our research concludes that the most practical digital notebook (having a sufficiently large capacity, ease of use, and close resemblance to a traditional photo album) can be secured at a significant, yet manageable cost. At a donor’s specification, artbook albums could be dedicated to the memory and honor of a chosen other.

We invite you to contribute to the fulfillment of For Love and Art by Adopting a Hospice or becoming a Premier Project Sponsor. Given that each digital notebook in hospice hands would heighten the quality of life for hundreds of individuals, I invite you to take action now and proudly share in the love and art…and the celebration!

Mark Lombard, President, Project Fulfillment
Touching Our

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