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First-Hand Aid is a 501 (c) 3. Caribbean Medical and Humanitarian Relief Corporation is the non-profit of record, doing business as (dba) First-Hand Aid. We are based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Cuba is a vibrant country with a rich heritage. Despite the recent progress in U.S.-Cuban relations, our island neighbors struggle daily to find enough food, modern medicine and safe living conditions. Hospitals often lack modern technology and medication. Families struggle to make ends meet and put food on their tables. Store shelves are empty, and the black market trade puts them in constant danger.  

At First-Hand Aid, we reach out and lend a helping hand. We provide much-needed humanitarian aid to the children, families and health care professionals in Cuba. We also provide a personal touch and build lasting relationships with the Cuban people because our volunteers travel to Cuba and deliver medical supplies and support in person. 


Travel With Us

Wondering how you can help? While it is now easier than ever to travel to Cuba, we can show you inside this fascinating culture like no one else - and make sure you leave a positive imprint on the world at the same time.

Volunteering with First-Hand Aid isn’t like volunteering with most other organizations. We provide a different sort of experience and our travelers play a vital role in the services that we provide to children and families in Cuba.

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