FightAIDS Ghana

FightAIDS Ghana is a voluntary Non-Governmental Organisation( NGO), which was registered under the Companies Act (1863), with Registration No.G-28,778, in Ghana.

AIDS is one of the largest and most complex threats to human health the world has ever known. Great stigma compounds already tragic physical consequences. And in the developing world, poverty itself is both a cause and an effect of a pandemic that is devastating the physical, social and economic health of entire regions.

People around the world continue to suffer and die from this disease, which often robs them of family, social networks and ways to make a living. Young women bear the greatest risk of infection and burden of caring for the ill. But many people have found ways to live with dignity despite their HIV-status. Moved by compassion, that FightAIDS Ghana has been formed to embark on a massive outreach campaign to help minimized the impact the AIDS pandemics is causing especially to the rural areas of Ghana and the world beyond.

Our Mission
Our Mission is to intervene and fight the growing trend of HIV/AIDS by specifically targeting children and their families in poverty-stricken homes and to support the Orphan child. We believe that a decline in the prevalence of HIV/AIDS and the resulting economic impact can be achieved through grass roots level community outreach programs.

Our Objectives
**Creating awareness about HIV / AIDS /STIs (sexually transmitted Infections in the rural areas, slums, universities, colleges, schools etc.

** Providing counseling for people infected and / or affected by HIV /AIDS.

**Help and provides support to Orphans to develop their God given gifts, talents and potential.

**To provide care and support to the needy in society by creating an enabling environment for job creation.

**Training Needy Students in the use of ICT to close the digital divide in Africa.

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