Feejee Experience

We take you off the beaten tourist path in to the real Fiji to meet real Fijians, not just those that work in tourist resorts. 

Feejee Experiences action packed itineraries focuses on Fiji’s rich cultural diversity and heritage while including adventures such as bilibili rafting (traditional bamboo rafts), mud pools and jungle treks. We understand not everyone is an adventurous person so allow plenty of time to relax along the way. All of our overnight accommodation is located along the coast allowing guests an opportunity to relax in the afternoon with a refreshing tropical cocktail or explore vibrant tropical reefs.

We explore coastal regions, islands paradises and untouched highland villages, where you’ll meet people that have never seen the ocean. You’ll trek through thick tropical rainforest, swim in crystal clear rivers and swim in cascading waterfalls. Fiji’s Islands offer a different experience again from the mainland, we get that. We give you the best of both worlds and offer a range of passes that allow you to explore the best of Fiji’s Islands including Mantaray Island Resort, Beachcomber, Blue Lagoon Island and Robinson Crusoe Island. 


Why Choose Us

There are a thousand reasons why travellers choose Feejee Experience over boat tours or 1-resort based holidays. Feejee Experience is the real Fiji - sun, sand, culture, and adventure; designed by travellers for travellers. We know when to stop and soak it in and when to keep on and leave the tourist traps behind. We’ll show you Fiji’s big highlights and incredible places so hidden even Tom Hanks in Castaway couldn’t find them. Whether you’re an adventurous person, a culture seeker, a beach lover, or have come to see the most amazing islands the Pacific has to offer, Feejee Experience is the trip of a lifetime! You couldn’t have a bad time if you tried.


Who travels with us

You’ll love meeting the other travellers of all ages, all nationalities, and all types who travel with us on our Fiji adventures. Age is not a barrier! We have proudly taken passengers of all ages on the Feejee Experience from 18 year old through to 80+ year old holiday makers. It’s about attitude and wanting to see the best of what Fiji can offer. We do ask that all passengers 18 years or younger travel with a legal guardian.

Travelling alone? Seqa na leqa (no worries) as you’ll meet like-minded travellers each and every day. Couples will find romantic destinations amongst all the fun and adventures whilst families and friends will have more than enough adventure throughout the day to ensure a fun filled holiday in the sun. Feejee Experience is designed for everyone, everyday, that’s why everyone loves it!


Where We Go

Fiji adventure plus lots of sun, sand and beach makes for the perfect itinerary in the Fiji Islands. To make sure your hard-earned cash goes as far as possible the following activities are included on Feejee Experience passes. That means no additional cost to do everything throughout the day on Feejee Experience and more money to sit back at Fiji’s best beach resorts every night and sip on those long awaited famous Fijian cocktails!! All activities are optional and should you not want to do them, there's always the beach!


Amazing Resorts

Not does Feejee Experience only chooses and recommends the best budget beach resorts in Fiji, our accommodation providers have won tourism awards for their facilities including environmental awareness


Awesome Drivers & Guides - 100% Fijian

Our Fijian Drivers and Guides love showing off their country and culture. Their big Bula smiles will be there to greet you on the bus, while they guide you thought the best spots in Fiji. They’re waiting for you to join them. Who better to show you around than the locals! 

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Feejee Experience Reviews

Highly recommend!

Fiji is an unbelievable country to visit and the Feejee Experience really made the whole trip unforgettable. As it’s such a unique country with so many islands, there’s no way we would have been able to navigate or make the most of it if it weren’t for Feejee Experience. It was great being with the same group all week, we really got to know each other and we’re still in touch now. Our tour guide Emi was amazing! So fun and lovely. We learnt so much of Fiji’s interesting history and culture. The people are wonderful, the accommodation was rustic- staying in tree houses and cabins surrounded by sea and sand. The activities were enriching and once in a life time. These included watching fire dancing, snorkelling, jungle trekking, visiting local villages and taking part in ceremonies, bamboo rafting, mud baths and hot spring pools, and even walking through ancient caves. Honestly it was one of a kind, so amazing and I would 100% do it again.

By: Jordan Lovell
Nationality: British
Age: 26

Great Low Buget Experience

My friend and I went on the 4 day tour to end our semester studying abroad in Australia and it was amazing! We saw a ton for the low price and our tour guide was great! He was super nice, was always looking out for us whereever we went. It’s definitely an eye opening experience, one I will not forget anytime soon. Everyone is super curious and very nice!
I wish I had done the 10 day experience though so that I could have done the exotic beach part as well. Since we stayed on the main island, we never really saw the crystal clear water that people kept asking us about, post trip.

By: Becca
Nationality: American
Age: 20

Perfect time in Fiji

We spent 10 days in Fiji with a 6 days tour with Feejee experience. We loved it ! Amy our guide was perfect and so funny. Activities were great (Walking in the jungle and finding a waterfall, visiting a typical city and a school, bilibili, eating with locals and drinking kava, mud bath and natural hot water bath, visiting very small islands ...) we were 6 girls (2 french and 4 english) but a great team ! We would love to do it again and again !!!

By: Margaux
Nationality: French
Age: 27

Perfect Low-Budget Experience!

I absolutely loved my Feejee Experience! I chose a 4-day tour option because I was on a bit of a budget, but I still feel like I was able to do/see a lot. It was a small tour group, just 4 of us total, but I rather liked the more intimate feel of the group. We were able to travel the perimeter of the main island in addition to spending a night on Robinson Crusoe Island. All of the accommodations were “low budget” but I thought they were wonderful. Beautiful locations and lovely staff. I also appreciated the more local feel to this particular tour. You’re definitely still a tourist, but the Feejee Experience approach allows you a deeper lens. At first I was hesitant to book a tour because I had never done one before and wasn’t sure it would be worth the money, but now I can confidently say it was worth it. It’s the perfect option for a solo traveler on a budget!

By: Caity Schneider
Nationality: American
Age: 26

Adventures in Fiji time!

I've done a 10-days tour with Feejee Experience. We had the most lovely guide (Mike) and were just a group of 3 girls. We got to know a lot of Fijians and their wonderful culture. Snorkling, Fire dancing and a lot of kava which is the traditional drink in Fiji. Our guide showed us around and we had a lot to laugh about. My favorite was the welcome ceremony in a village with their chief and of course being able to talk to our guide about his country. We had a fantastic time!
Would recommend 10/10

By: Sarah
Nationality: Switzerland
Age: 22

Enjoyable trip

Really enjoyed my time on the Feejee Experience tour. Our guide was fantastic - he even rescued my GoPro from under the sea when I thought it was lost forever. Tour was a good mix of culture and relaxation. The village visit was a great way to meet real fijians and the islands were absolutely stunning. A highlight was Robinson Crusoe Island - the dancing is amazing and the dancers are great chat.

By: Pamela
Nationality: Scottish
Age: 30

FeeJee Experience - Great little trip!

I absolutely loved the FeeJee experience! Great mixture of activities for all ages. Highlights were definitely the Mango Bay Resort & stopping in a small community to learn about traditional culture & donate gifts to the local school kids. The accommodation was great, as were the included meals. Would 100% do it again 💕

By: Tiffany
Nationality: English
Age: 27

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