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We are a small company that is operated 100% by residents in the favela of Rocinha. Our company consists of five parts of sustainable tourism in the favela. Our main purpose is to educate people about our community and the great things that exist here.

Favela Adventures strives to empower the people of Rocinha by giving them the opportunity to run, organize and make the tours themselves. These residents who have created this company ALL reside in the favela and the income made from these tours is put directly back into the community.

Forty percent of what is earned through our tours is being saved so that we can continue to fund our  DJ School Spin Rocinha, check out our new website!! We also support a Creche called Refugio e Fortaleza.  I recently met up with a group that works with street dogs and cats so we are now helping them. Their organization is called (PLAR) Projeto Lar ao Animais da Rocinha. Their focus to to help spay and neuter stray dogs and cats in the favela.

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