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Faliraki TV is currently looking to recruit for a number of roles for summer. This is a GREAT experience for Uni students working over the summer who have experience in media studies or drama to gain work experience with Faliraki TV.

  Faliraki TV is a non-profit promotional channel for the resort of Faliraki so all jobs with us are work experience based. The ideal candidates will work on the resort for the summer & spend no more than 1 day a week with us over the summer. Some of the jobs may be filmed intensively over a few days & only require 2 - 3 days work in total.

  One thing we can gaurantee is that if you do work with us you'll have a fantastic memory to keep forever of your summer abroad & you can share that experience with your friends at home as they will be able to watch Faliraki TV online FREE over the summer period.

  For all jobs please send us an email to info@falirakitv.com including;
* 3 current pictures of yourself including a close up face shot, full body shot & a beachwear shot.
* At least 1 page explaining why you want to be a presenter on Faliraki TV & which programme would suit you best.
* What experience do you have in presenting / modelling.

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