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Our mission is to work towards the alleviation of poverty around the world through helping people to stand on their own two feet and thus empowering them to attend to their own needs, be they educational, environmental or enterprise creation.

The Fair Earth Foundation we highlight global and local issues, work with communities to help them make the changes they need to thrive, provide educational support and training in language, environmental issues, and enterprise development as well as logistical support including micro-financing and volunteer input.

Above all, the Fair Earth Foundation is about facilitating individuals in contributing to making the world a better, fairer place, the world we all want to see.

We are delighted to announce that our 2021 programmes are now open for booking. We have a range of volunteering placements, discounted internships, and discounted group activity packages. We are also introducing our brand new advanced skills courses to boost your CV whilst making a difference.

We want to facilitate individuals in contributing to making the world a better, fairer, place and to encourage our volunteers to be the change they want to see in the world.

With this in mind and in the instance of low funds, we are offering scholarships and tailored deals to suit your financial situation.

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