Experential Learning Center

We are an Experential Learning Center located in Kathmandu Nepal, our principle goal is  to provide quality service in the field of language, cross-culture, research and vocational training.

Our staff members come with a decade long experience in the field of training in languages of Nepal, cross-cultural information and socio-economic. They have provided professional services to different international bilateral and multilateral organizations (JICA GIZ, Weltwart, PBI) since 2006.

LC offers 2 weeks to 3 months long cultural and language learning program designed for foreign students and interested persons who want to take a break from home or work.

You will learn directly from life experiences through independent exploration and apprenticeships. We organize Nepali, Newari and other local languages training using a variety of methods that suit the learning styles of the learners and family stays for beginners, trekkers, volunteers, development workers and diplomats.

We prepare In-country training courses for volunteers, development workers, technical assistants, experts, treakers and diplomats who work in Nepal.

Duration / Dates

2 weeks to 3 months
4 times on year. Could be adjust

Costs / Pay

2 week (1000 USD approximate)
3 months (3000 USD approximate)

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