Evolve Abroad

Evolve Abroad is an organisation that delivers accredited courses, facilitated internships and structured mentorship.

We offer ethical, transparent, valuable volunteer placements that are formally monitored for impact to ensure that they do promote community development, sustainability and protect our environment.

Evolve Abroad is an academy that collaborates with global specialists who facilitate education, growth, skills development, engagement and valuable experiences across the globe. We aim to facilitate you in the right way alongside all the meaningful collaborators who share our aspiration.

We offer courses, workshops and placements in the following areas, education, social sciences, gender equality, sports science and coaching, marine conservation, wildlife conservation and human wildlife conflict and the performing arts.

We currently have a Cape Town campus and a floating marine research campus.

Learn, grow & flourish with our accredited courses and work placements.

Positively influence others and our planet.

It’s about time…

Duration / Dates

2 to 12 week durations

Costs / Pay

Placements start from GBP295

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